Young Guns line up, hitters are tutoring their weaknesses… 15.2 billion spent on this taste

Everyone expects something from (Yang) Will.”

As soon as the Doosan Bears start their spring camp in Australia, they are feeling the effect of recruiting catcher Yang Eui-ji (36). Doosan has been holding a spring camp since the 1st at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Blacktown,온라인바카라 Sydney, Australia. Yang Eui-ji shows off her presence not only at the bullpen pitching ground, but also during batting training. There was a reason why Doosan regained the master of the house this winter by offering a 4+2 year 15.2 billion won contract, the best free agent treatment ever.

Yang Eui-ji received balls from Park Chi-guk (25), Jeong Cheol-won (24), Jang Won-joon (38), and Kwak Bin (24) in order at the bullpen pitching ground on the 1st and 2nd. When Eui-ji Yang appeared to receive the ball, the fight between the young guns trying to match the catcher of the national team was fierce, but for now, they lined up in an urgent order. Jeong Cheol-won and Kwak Bin enjoyed a preferential treatment, not a preferential treatment, because they had to work together with Yang Eui-ji at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will be held in March.

Park Chi-guk and Jang Won-joon worked together comfortably as they had experience with Yang Eui-ji at Doosan in the past. While receiving the ball from the two pitchers, Yang Eui-ji saved his energy by specifically mentioning what was better than in the past. He wasn’t just giving compliments unconditionally. When he was out of balance, he pointed out right away and helped to correct it.

Jeong Cheol-won and Kwak Bin threw the ball so powerfully that they felt the need to show it in front of Yang Eui-ji. Kwak Bin was so motivated that he lost his balance greatly and even committed a wild fight. Yang Eui-ji laughed at Kwak Bin’s wild fight, and then led him so that he could throw the ball comfortably while looking only at the center. Jeong Cheol-won also ordered several times to throw only with balance, without power.

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