‘You have to buy this price’ Man United prepares to sign Kim Min-jae for £42m buyout

Manchester United seem to have Kim Min-jae (26) clearly on their radar. 

His strong performances in Serie A and the UEFA Champions League (UCL) are directing Kim Min-jae to the center of the spotlight. In particular, Kim Min-jae showed perfect performance in the first game of the UCL tournament, the match against Eintracht Frankfurt, and since then has been attracting more attention from multiple clubs. 토토사이트

One of the clubs that I have a strong connection to lately is Manchester United. Currently, Manchester United has a solid starting line in Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane. However, there is no one to compete with them, such as rumors of transfer of Harry Maguire. It seems that Kim Min-jae is keeping an eye on this. 

The British media ‘Manchester Evening News’ quoted a report from the Italian media ‘Corriere dello Sport’ on the 24th and said, “Man United is considering signing Kim Min-jae, Napoli centre-back.” 

The content is not much different from the previous ones. However, the important thing is that the ‘Manchester Evening News’ also mentioned the amount of the buyout (recruitment is possible only if the player agrees to pay more than the amount). 

The media confirmed that “Kim Min-jae is said to have a buyout clause of 42 million pounds (approximately 66.1 billion won) in the upcoming summer.” The British media also mentioned the buyout. 

Currently, in terms of Kim Min-jae’s performance, the amount is close to a bargain sale. Therefore, it is judged that he has a high possibility of transferring if only he has an idea. 

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