Will Klinsmann, who ‘suddenly went to Korea’, acknowledge the ‘stay-at-home/outing’ controversy? Today (14th) a chapter for explanation opens

Will national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann acknowledge the ‘controversy’ surrounding him? An explanation regarding the controversy is expected to be held on the afternoon of the 14th when the player returns home from his European expedition.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) said on the 13th, “Team A is scheduled to return to Korea through Incheon Airport on the 14th. “We plan to conduct an interview with Coach Klinsmann at the departure hall for his return,” he said. “Coach Klinsmann initially watched the Bayern Munich game in the Bundesliga this week in person, visited a European club, held a meeting with officials, and conducted an on-site analysis with the European coaching staff ahead of the international match in October before returning home. I was planning to do it. However, we changed the schedule at today’s coaching staff meeting to begin the work of confirming K-League players before announcing the October list.”

The schedule suddenly changed. Initially, Coach Klinsmann, who completed the September international match schedule in England, was scheduled to go to Germany to watch the Munich match. His intention was to also meet with Kim Min-jae. However, in Korea, the reaction was mostly indifferent. This is because Kim Min-jae, one of the world’s best center backs, will not be selected for the national team, and the national team has already checked his condition recently.

Criticism has grown stronger due to the controversy over working from home and traveling abroad. Coach Klinsmann, who took charge of the national soccer team last March, stayed in Korea for only 67 days during the six months. He was given the image of being unfaithful as he frequently traveled back and forth between the United States, where his residence was, and frequently went on business trips to Europe. His poor performance also played a role. Coach Klinsmann recorded 5 games without a win (3 draws, 2 losses) since taking office until the game against Saudi Arabia (1-0 win) on the 13th, earning him the tag of being the longest-running winless coach in Korean soccer history.먹튀검증

The A-match evaluation match between the Korean national soccer team and the El Salvador national team was held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on the afternoon of the 20th. When Hwang Ui-jo scores the first goal in the second half, Coach Klinsmann is watching the game with a smile. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who took office as the national team coach last March, is determined to achieve his first win through today’s match against El Salvador, ranked 75th in the FIFA rankings. Daejeon = Reporter Kim Min-gyu mgkim1@edaily.co.kr /2023.06.20/

Although it has only been six months since he took office, the number of people calling for ‘Klinsmann out’ has increased. Above all, the biggest problem was that in addition to poor performance, the color of soccer was not visible. In addition, there was a lot of criticism that ‘I don’t watch the K-League in person’. Whenever Director Klinsmann was asked about the controversy surrounding him, he talked about ‘differences in working methods.’ The nuance was that he was faithful to his work wherever he was and that his own way should be respected. He further aggravated the controversy by saying that he did not understand Korean sentiment and did not want to know about it.

Attention is focused on whether Director Klinsmann, who suddenly decided to set foot on Korean soil, will repeat his sophistry about the controversy surrounding him, or whether he will acknowledge it and change his work methods. It is worth paying attention to what Coach Klinsmann says at the press conference held on the 14th.

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