Will Hana 1Q free agency Kim Jong-un recruit, benefit from veteran return?

WKBL Bucheon Hana One Q brought Kim Jong-un먹튀검증 (36) from the free agent (FA) market. We plan to set up veteran Kim Jong-un as a pillar of team rebuilding.

Hana 1 Q made a fresh start last season under manager Kim Do-wan. However, as there was no noticeable power reinforcement, there was no miraculous rebound. Last season, they finished at the bottom of the league with 6 wins and 24 losses. Shin Ji-hyeon and Yang In-young, who are the central axis of the inside and outside, also showed off beats. The growth of Kim Ji-young, Kim A-na, Jeong Ye-rim, and Kim Ye-jin was also disappointing. Kim Ye-jin moved her nest to Cheongju Kookmin Bank.

Hana 1 Q, who had a disappointing last season, started recruiting Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un, who made his professional debut through the 2006 WKBL New Player Selection, worked as a franchise star for Hana 1Q before moving the team to Asan Woori Bank ahead of the 2017-2018 season. After moving to Woori Bank, he tasted the joy of winning and won the MVP award in the championship match. Last season, he also played a key role in Woori Bank’s unified victory. Kim Jong-un, who is not young, played an average of 25 minutes per game last season, recording 8.3 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists. While playing under management, he still showed top-class skills.

Until Kim transferred to Woori Bank, he played as a shooter who relied on outside shots. However, at Woori Bank, he also took advantage of his advantage as a player under the goal. He has become a player capable of both inside and outside play. He was recognized internally and externally not only for his skills but also for his leadership. Even the winning DNA was transplanted from Woori Bank. This is the background of Hana 1Q actively seeking to recruit Kim Jong-un, who has appeared in the FA market. Amid rumors that multiple teams, including Woori Bank, were showing interest in Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-un eventually chose to return to his former team.

It is not easy for Hana 1 Q to leap to the top of the team immediately after recruiting Kim Jong-un. It may be difficult for Kim Jong-un to play full-time. However, the effect of his recruitment of Kim Jong-un is worth looking forward to. Shin Ji-hyeon and Yang In-young can relieve the burden and focus more on the game, and young players can also accelerate their growth by relying on Kim Jong-un. You can’t be pushed back even in a fight with other teams. Kim Jong-un also said, “It was an adventure to leave a stable team, but I wanted to make his last player life more meaningful. He thought it was more valuable to help the juniors,” he said. It’s all about him knowing his role in Hana 1Q very well.

The reality of Hana 1 Q is not bright. But the future requires change. For change, Kim Jong-un was chosen as a facilitator for the growth of young players. As there are many young players in Hana 1 Q, the recruitment of Kim Jong-un, who has gone through all the battles, can be said to be the best choice for Hana 1 Q at present. 

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