Wild, ‘Jeong Chung-rae risk’ growing…

In addition, there is an evaluation within the party that Chung Cheong-rae, the highest member of the Democratic Party, is running rampant, such as announcing a lawsuit against the National Assembly speaker and openly shooting the floor leader of the same party. After receiving a response from the so-called ‘dog daughter’ for her usual hardline remarks, she said, “Now it has crossed the line and reached a level that is difficult to control.” Rep. Chung Cheong-rae said on KBS

radio on the 6th, “The problem with the Public Security Committee is that Park Kwang-on, the floor leader, failed to keep his promise.” The standing chairperson usually serves a term of two years. However, last year, the ruling and opposition parties agreed to take turns as the chairman of the Ministry of Defense and the chairman of the Public Administration and Security Commission for one year each. The ruling party wanted to take charge of the Public Safety and Security Commission first, where the issue of establishing a new police station was at stake, and the opposition party wanted more over-defence with broadcasting issues. Accordingly, at the plenary session on the 30th of last month, Rep. Jang Je-won, who was the chairman of the Public Administration Committee, was re-elected as the chairman of the oversight committee. However, the position of the standing chairman of the Democratic Party, including Rep. Chung, who was the chairman of the ruling party스포츠토토, has not been decided. This is because at the general meeting of members at the time, it was argued that “it is inappropriate for a person who is a party leader to serve as the chairperson of the standing committee.” Rep. Chung is saying that he should not be a member of the supreme council, a member of the leadership. Then, an online petition was started by the ‘dog daughters’ to ‘appoint Rep. Chung as the chairman of the Public Administration Committee’. Rep. Jeong said at the Supreme Council meeting on the 5th, “The party member petition for the Chairman of the Public Administration and Security Council exceeded 50,000. It is an order from the party members.”

On the 2nd, Rep. Chung also requested the dismissal of the head of the medical department from the secretary general of the National Assembly. He said at the plenary session on the 30th of last month that he had “objection” when handling the resignation of the head of the department, but the medical director ignored it. On the 4th, for the same reason, he said he would file a request for a judgment on authority dispute and a provisional injunction to suspend the effect against Chairman Kim Jin-pyo, a member of the Democratic Party.

Rep. Chung has been supported by his daughters for his strong remarks and outstanding actions. In a recent public appearance, he said, “Drink Fukushima-contaminated water as bottled water starting from the presidential office,” “Mrs. Kim Kun-hee (during her visit to the United States) refrain from arming with Biden or standing at the center,” “President Seok-yeol Yoon is an international idiot.” made a statement In October 2021, she even apologized to the Buddhist community at the party level after calling the temple “Bongi Kim Seon-dal” in relation to the viewing fee for cultural properties.

On the 5th, when the inside and outside of the party were in trouble due to the’Lee Rae-gyeong Innovation Committee Incident’, Rep. Jeong posted one after another, saying, “The floor representative failed to keep the agreement” and “I submitted a resignation letter to the head of the department, but after that, he tied me up and attacked me.” .

There are bitter voices from both inside and outside the party about Rep. Chung’s actions. Choi Jae-seong, former senior secretary for political affairs at the Blue House, said on the radio on the 5th, “It doesn’t make sense for the highest member to be the chairman of the standing committee.” ” he said. Democratic Party lawmaker Han Jung-jin said, “No matter how unfair it is, I have to say, ‘Please follow the rules’ and end it.

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