Two years ago, he was the leader in walks and on-base hits with ‘God’s pioneering plan’ → Upgraded this year! Aim for the top scoring title, scoring title, and batting title + reaching the dream of reaching 300 bases. Will the ‘Hong Chang-ki era’ begin?

The pace of ‘on-base king’ Hong Chang-gi is scary in September.

As hits occur, the batting average and on-base percentage also increase. The possibility of hitting 300 bases is also increasing.

Hong Chang-gi hit a hit in 9 out of 10 games held in September. And he recorded multiple hits in 8 games. He hit multiple hits in 7 consecutive games before Hanwha on the 1st and KIA on the 8th. In games where he didn’t get a hit, he walked. He recorded multiple on-base hits in all 10 games until KIA on the 10th.

With 19 hits in 39 at-bats in 10 games, his batting average is a whopping .487. His on-base percentage was .503 2 ri.

Hong Chang-gi, who had a .302.4 batting average by the end of August, was ranked 4th in batting, but was actually a little far away from the competition for batting title. However, with an explosive hitting streak in September, he raised his season batting average to .303 and 9 li. Now, the gap with SSG Landers Guillermo Heredia (batting average 0.342), who ranks first in batting, has narrowed to just 3 leagues, and he is immediately competing for the batting title.

He ranks first overall with 76 walks. The pioneering plan remains the same. However, it is doubtful whether he will be able to surpass 100. Until the middle of this season, the number of balls that hit his body was as high as 21, but recently he has not been hit by a dead ball, so the risk of injury has decreased.

As his on-base numbers increased, his on-base percentage, which was .404.5 by the end of August, also increased to .405.3. Yang Eui-ji of the Doosan Bears, who is in second place, has 40.13 li, so the difference is big. As of now, it is highly likely that Hong Chang-ki will regain his spot as the on-base king in 2021.

As a true on-base champion, I am looking at a monumental record. That’s 300 on base. The only player to exceed 300 on bases in the KBO League is Kim Tae-gyun of the Hanwha Eagles, who recorded 310 on bases (193 hits, 108 walks, 9 walks) in 2016. Hong Chang-ki holds the second-highest record of all time. In 2021, he reached base 297 times with 172 hits, 109 walks, and 16 bases on base. It was 3 short of 300 on base.

As of the 11th, when 119 games were played, a total of 248 on bases were recorded with 151 hits, 76 walks, and 21 walks on base, and at the current pace, only 300 on bases are possible. If we only pick out more hopeful data and mathematically predict the remaining 25 games based on September, when he was on base 25 times with 19 hits and 6 walks in 10 games, about 62 on bases are possible, up to 310 on bases.메이저사이트

Of course, it is not easy to continue the current explosive pace for nearly a month. Even though he is only the second player ever to reach base with 300, it is certainly a historic achievement for him.

Hong Chang-ki, who is emerging as LG’s top hitter, is aiming to be the scoring champion in addition to being the on-base champion. Naturally, if you get on base more, you will score more points. Hong Chang-ki, who is currently ranked second with 95 points, one point behind Kiwoom Heroes Kim Hye-seong (96 points), is also quite close to being the top scorer. The situation is quite advantageous because Kim Hye-sung is participating in the Asian Games. There is a big gap with 3rd place SSG Choi Jeong (83 points), so if he can maintain a good batting sense, he can aim for the triple crown including the on-base champion, batting champion, and scoring champion.

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