Transformation from a short hitter with ‘87th place in distance’ to a long hitter with ‘7th place in distance’… ‘Queen of Autumn’ Kim Su-ji’s strength lies in ‘effort’

Kim Su-ji’s (27) KakaoTalk profile photo has two short words written on it. ‘Effort’ and ‘ability’. It probably means that if you put in effort, you will have abilities. Suji Kim is a player who knows very well that the more effort she puts in, the more her abilities grow proportionally.

An example of his effort turning into ability is distance. Kim Su-ji, who entered the regular tour in 2017 after participating in the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Jump Tour and Dream Tour, did not originally have long driving distances.

The average drive distance, which started at 36th (247.35 yards) in 2017, gradually dropped to 69th (237.84 yards) in 2018, 86th (232.11 yards) in 2019, and 87th (226.75 yards) in 2020.

Although the distance was short, a shocking incident occurred to Kim Su-ji, who continued her career as a smooth player with a precision that ranked in the top 10 in fairway landing rate. As the 2020 prize money ranking dropped to 84th, they were pushed into a corner where they had to play a seed match. Fortunately, he placed 6th in the seed rankings match and was able to remain on the regular tour, but he realized that if this continues, his future will not be very bright. At that time, Suji Kim decided that she needed a makeover. And after going through harsh winter training that winter, she was reborn as a new Kim Soo-ji. This is ‘long hitter Kim Su-ji’.

In 2021, Kim Su-ji’s drive distance ranking jumped to 22nd (243.21 yards). One of the things that changed as his drive distance increased was his green hit rate. The green hit rate ranking, which was 90th (66.41%) in 2020, took a huge leap forward to 9th (76.97%) in 2021. Both his first win in his 115th appearance in 2021 and his victory in a major tournament were the result of his hard work.

In 2022, when she won the grand prize with two wins, Kim Su-ji’s driving distance increased further. When he finished the season, he was ranked 16th (245.67 yards). His green hit rate also became sharper, ranking 4th (77.26%). It is normal for the distance to decrease with age, but Kim Su-ji achieved a reversal where the distance increased further.

Kim Su-ji’s drive distance ranking in 2023 is currently 7th (253.40 yards). This is the result of increased effort during the last winter training period. The green hit rate is currently ranked first (78.37%).메이저놀이터

In the first half of this season, Kim Su-ji suffered for a while. This is because the results did not come easily as much as he tried last winter. It seemed like he was going to win, but it wasn’t within his grasp. But as the cold wind blew, the Autumn Queen also woke up. In the second half of his career, he succeeded in winning his first win of the season at the Hanwha Classic, his first major competition.

September has arrived, but as the last heat wave, which is still rampant, subsides and fall begins in earnest, Kim Su-ji’s shots will also become sharper.

Suji Kim shot a truly scary shot last fall. He participated in 13 competitions in the second half of last year and ranked in the ‘top 10’ 10 times, including 2 wins. Starting this week, Suji Kim will begin defending her title in the tournament, having won two games in two consecutive weeks. The OK Financial Group Shotman Open will be held at Club 72 Haneul Course for three days starting on the 15th, and the Hana Financial Group Championship will be held at Bears Best Cheongna for four days starting on the 21st.

The stage where Suji Kim’s efforts will prove her power is about to unfold under the blue autumn sky.

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