This time it’s Venetian… and it’s fluorescent green.

The water in the canals around the Rialto Bridge, a Venetian tourist attraction, had turned green, as if paint had been released.

Local police launched an investigation to determine the cause먹튀검증, and the local environmental protection agency took samples of the river water.

Tourists traveling through the canal by boat captured the scene and posted it on social media, drawing international attention, according to the Associated Press.

Police are investigating the incident, not ruling out the possibility that it was linked to a protest by climate change activists, local media reported.

The incident comes as Italy has seen a spate of protests in recent days, with environmentalists pouring black paint into Rome’s Trevi Fountain to call for action on the climate crisis.

This isn’t the first time the Venetian Grand Canal has been dyed green.

Previously, during the 1968 Venice Biennale, an Argentinian artist poured green fluorescent material into the river to raise awareness about ecology.

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