The other side of Manet’s ‘extrinsic action’. British BBC “Something is definitely off with Mane at B Munich”

Why the hell did Sadio Mane hit Leroy Sane in the face?

On the 15th (Korean time)먹튀검증, the British BBC reported an analysis article titled ‘What the hell is going on with the Senegalese star (Sadio Mane) in Bayern Munich?’

In the superficial case, Manet was clearly at fault.

After the first leg of the quarterfinals of the European Champions League (UCL) in the 2022-2023 season held in Manchester, England on the 13th, Mane hit his teammate Leroy Sane in the face. Mane apologized to Sane and the squad, and Bayern Munich issued a one-match suspension and a fine. The two had already clashed on the ground and in the locker room after the game had ended.

The British BBC is paying attention to the other side of Manet’s outburst.

Mane was the flagship striker at Liverpool. Bayern Munich brought Mane right after their signature striker Robert Lewandowski left for Barcelona. It was a choice without a doubt.

However, Mane had trouble adapting to Bayern Munich’s system. Lewandowski is a target striker, but Mane is more of a winger.

In the end, Mane could not adapt to the system of coach Nagelsmann, and he did not fit well with his teammates. Eventually he collided with Sane.

Manager Thomas Tuchel, who is actively defending Mane, said, ‘Mane’s behavior is wrong and completely against the team’s principles. However, he has known Manet for a long time. he trusts him He also needs time to adapt to the system,’ he said.

The BBC made a painful point. ‘Manet lacks the confidence of the old days. I lost the confidence that once broke a one-on-one match with any defender in the world. His creativity and unpredictability made Mane a special player. However, at Bayern Munich, he is often discouraged. There is a lack of fighting spirit and motivation on the pitch. Bayern Munich’s teammates and front desk staff also have their doubts about Mane’s

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