The Europa League is as fierce as the Champions League… Barça ‘General’ Man United ‘Monggun’

1st leg of the playoffs 2 – 2

Manchester United coach “More than the Champions League”

Barcelona (Spain) and Manchester United (England) made the UEFA Europa League shine like the UEFA Champions League final. 카지노 The two teams fought fiercely, but could not win.

Barcelona and Manchester United drew 2-2 in the first leg of the Europa League knockout round playoffs held at Spotify Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the morning of the 17th (Korean time). In the knockout round playoffs, the 2nd place group in the Europa League group stage and the 3rd place group in the Champions League group stage will face each other to advance to the round of 16. Barcelona are third in Group C of the Champions League and Manchester United are second in Group E of the Europa League. The second leg will be held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 24th, and the winner will advance to the round of 16. The Europa League is the second division of European club competition and receives less attention than the Champions League, which is the first division. Moreover, this match is a playoff that barely competes to advance to the round of 16. However, it attracted attention from all over the world because it was a confrontation between Barcelona and Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Barcelona are 2nd in Spain’s Primera Liga titles (26) and 5th in Champions League titles (5), while Manchester United are 1st in English top division titles (20) and tied for 7th in Champions League titles. (3 times) c.

The match between Barcelona and Manchester United created the atmosphere of a Champions League final. In fact, Barcelona and Manchester United clashed in the Champions League finals in the 2008-2009 season and 2010-2011 season, and Barcelona came out on top. Barcelona seemed to win again this time with Marcos Alonso’s opening goal in the 5th minute of the second half. However, Manchester United reversed itself with Marcus Rashford’s equalizer in the 7th minute of the second half, followed by Barcelona’s Jules Kunde’s own goal in the 14th minute of the second half.

“Because it’s Manchester United, it could be the final, semi-final or quarter-final of the Champions League,” said Barcelona coach Xabi Hernández. But we are in the Europa League now.” “It was like a Champions League game, no more,” said Manchester United manager Eric Tenhach.

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