The dream of KB Stars 2nd consecutive victory that finally stopped, what is the task for next year’s season to leap again?

The season of defending champion KB Stars is virtually over. The remaining task now is to check the failure factors of this season and regain the strength to challenge again next season.

KB Stars lost to Shinhan Bank on the 17th and finally failed to advance to the playoffs and ended the season in 5th place. Last season, with an astounding win rate of 23 wins and 1 loss in 24 games, it confirmed first place in the regular league, and in the championship match against Woori Bank, it showed overwhelming performance, such as achieving a combined victory with a 3-game winning streak without even a close match. The fall this season was even more shocking.온라인카지노

The only difference from last season was Park Ji-soo’s absence. Teammates and coaching staff all wanted to get rid of the unwelcome label of ‘Park Ji-soo’s one-man team’, but in the end, it only reaffirmed the enormous presence of the pillar center. Thanks to Park Ji-soo’s performance after overcoming a panic disorder, the spark of pursuit, which had been aiming for a maximum of 2nd place after winning 4 consecutive wins after the break in the All-Star game, was quickly extinguished due to Park Ji-soo’s finger injury causing the season to end.

In fact, KB has been trying hard to reduce Park Ji-soo’s weight in the game. Except for his debut season, last season was the only time Park Ji-soo played less than 30 minutes per game on average.

However, points and rebounds per game did not decrease significantly compared to the previous season, and assists increased and saw their own effect. Previously, he was immersed in his own play, but now he has become a more fearsome player as he opens his eyes to team play that closely monitors the movements of his teammates and utilizes them. In a situation where it is unknown whether the foreign player system can be implemented again, it has become an established fact that there will be no team for the time being that can stop KB, which Park Ji-soo is holding on to. It was to the point that Woori Bank, which was crushed in the championship game, announced that it had recruited free agent Kim Dan-bi to defeat KB.

Anyway, compared to last season, KB lost an average of 13 points per game compared to last season, but the average score decreased by 13 points and assists decreased by 20%. In defense, including rebounding, the players were able to make up for it to some extent by playing one more step, but in offense, the center’s void could not be filled.

However, no matter how large Park Ji-soo is in the team, considering that he did not lead the team to the championship alone, the weakening of KB’s power this season was much greater due to psychological factors than skill. Even if Park Ji-soo did not come out as a starter, let alone the game he played together on the court, there was a big difference in his performance between when he was ready to play on the bench and when he was not. It was a matter of ‘confidence’ recognized by Kim Wan-soo and KB Stars’ players. Even if you are behind, there is Park Ji-soo who will be put into the match, so the psychological superiority that you will never give up and win in the end works in the opposite way this season. the game became more

In any case, KB was faced with the task of restoring the confidence of fellow players and firmly establishing Plans B and C to cope competitively even when he is not present, even in order to reduce Park Ji-soo’s physical and psychological burden. That way, of course, we can put the unified championship in sight again next season.

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