The aftermath of President Yoon’s appearance on “Animal Farm”…”Political Farm” vs. “Human”

Viewer message boards are buzzing about the surprise appearance of President and Mrs. Yoon Seok-yeol on ‘TV Animal Farm’.

President and Mrs. Yoon appeared on SBS’s “TV Animal Farm” (hereinafter “Animal Farm”) on the 28th.

The program told the story of a retired guide dog named Sae-Rom. The crew soon found themselves in a heavily guarded location. It was the presidential residence in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Sae-Rom was adopted by President and Mrs. Yoon and was running around on the spacious lawn of the presidential residence.

After opening the presidential residence to the public, Yoon and her husband were shown walking their dogs and giving interviews to the media. They introduced themselves as their “dad and mom,” referring to their pets by name.

How did the Yoon family connect with Sarom?

“When I was a candidate, I went to the Yongin Guide Dog School and said, ‘If I win the election and get an official residence with a yard, I want to get a retirement guide dog,'” said President Yoon, who is known for his pets. We adopted him for Christmas last year.”

The couple shared their daily life with Sarom and their other pets.

Mrs. Kim said, “Sarom likes my dad a lot more. All the dogs and cats in our house like him much more,” and President Yoon said, “He mainly tries to train them. If I don’t give him treats and train him, he comes to me and asks for them.”

He also shared his thoughts on animal welfare, including service dogs.

“There are many puppies that serve special purposes, and since they have served the country and society, I think it is right that the country and society should bear a certain part of the burden when they are treated,” Yoon said, encouraging people to “adopt them instead of buying them”.

However, after the broadcast, viewers’ message boards have criticized the inappropriateness of Yoon’s appearance on “Animal Farm”. Previously, President Yoon took the unusual step of appearing on entertainment programs such as tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” while he was still president-elect, but the program and the broadcaster were accused of political bias먹튀검증.

This time, similar criticisms have been raised about Yoon’s appearance on “Animal Farm. It is argued that SBS, a broadcaster with a reportage function, helped to manage the image of President Yoon and his wife through “Animal Farm,” revealing its biased political colors.

“It’s my favorite (favorite) program,” said viewer Kim Mo, “but why use a Sunday morning healing program for political purposes? There are many members of the public at the guide dog retirement home, and they had to show that place (the presidential residence). I’m really disappointed in the producers.”

A viewer, Han Mo, said, “I hope they don’t show political colors. It’s very uncomfortable. Why do they have to show political colors here? Who is this broadcast for?” and urged, “Can he (President Yoon) change his image if he appears on a broadcast like this? Please make a broadcast with a pure purpose.”

Other viewers wrote, “Political farm? As a fan of ‘Animal Farm,’ don’t show your political leanings,” “SBS, don’t broadcast political intentions,” “If you’re going to do this, abolish it,” and “Even guide dogs are used as political tools.”

Some viewers argued that there was nothing wrong with Yoon’s appearance.

Viewer Kim Mo said, “Sae-rom’s story was heartwarming. I think it’s really uncivilized to terrorize a bulletin board just because you don’t agree with their politics.”

Viewer Yoo Mo said, “I support you. I am impressed by the warm presidential couple’s care for stray dogs.”

Viewer Song Mo said, “People who love animals are not evil. I was so happy to see the two of them as human beings.”

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