Shin Yu-bin, who promised to play Houston, “I want to win a medal this time”

Table tennis fairy’ Shin Yu-bin (19, Korean Air) is having a busy day at Jincheon National Training Center, which is called the cradle of the national team. Like a student taking an exam, she starts her workout at dawn watching the stars and sweats until the night when the moon rises. The reason Shin Yu-bin does not lose her smile even during hard training is that it does not hurt to lift her racket anymore.

On the 11th, she met with a reporter at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village and said, “Her wrist doesn’t hurt, so she can exercise, and her skills improve as much as she trains. She said, “This time, she will definitely win a medal,” she laughed.

She has painful memories of withdrawing from the Round of 64 as she injured her wrist at the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston먹튀검증. This injury put her on the operating table twice, she got up like a rickshaw. She is looking forward to the World Championships opening in Durban, South Africa, when she is on her 20th.

Shin Yu-bin, who originally drew attention for her excellent skills, now boasts a powerful table tennis. She is credited with boosting her power through weight training while Shin Yubin put her racket down for a while due to her injury.

Oh Kwang-heon, head coach of the women’s table tennis team, said, “The secret to Korean table tennis in its heyday is power table tennis. All players, including Shin Yu-bin, are training to the extreme.”

Shin Yu-bin said, “I had a lot of regrets because I returned from the Houston tournament because of an injury rather than my ability,” she said. “I want to finish the tournament without regret this time,” she said.

Shin Yu-bin, who won the right to participate in all events, is attracting attention especially in the mixed doubles match with Lim Jong-hoon (28, Korea Exchange). Joo Se-hyeok, head coach of the men’s table tennis team, said, “The two players received the 8th seed in the mixed doubles. It is worth aiming for a medal,” he said.

While Lim Jong-hoon unleashes powerful attacks with his backhand, Shin Yu-bin adds strength with his forehand. Shin Yu-bin said, “(Lim) Jong-hoon oppa is a really good player,” and she emphasized, “Unlike singles, which fights alone, doubles is reassuring because it is not lonely.” Lim Jong-hoon also said, “Yubin and I get along well. She said that Yubin also liked the aggressive part.”

Shin Yubin’s resentment in Houston is also a barometer for determining the color of medals at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.

Shin Yu-bin said, “There are many big competitions this year,” and “I really want to win a medal because they are all competitions representing our country. This is her first appearance in the Asian Games, and she is thrilled and thrilled,” she said.

However, she feels that Yubin Shin needs to learn how to soothe herself as well. She feels pain in her wrists when he overdoes her training.

Shin Yu-bin said, “It is my duty to control the intensity of training well.” I will try a lot in the future, so please support me,” she said.

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