Senior Chinese SOE executive caught having affair with young woman…fired from company

A state-owned company executive in China has reportedly been sacked after he was caught having an affair with a young woman, walking down the street holding hands먹튀검증, and the photos went viral.

Mr. Fu Yong walking down the street holding hands with a young woman/Pengpai Newspaper

According to a report by local Chinese media outlet Fengpai Newspaper on July 7, the controversial man was Fu Yong (胡继勇), president of Huanqiu Fair Project Management (Beijing) Co. The woman in the photo walking with him was reportedly not his wife.

Some media outlets have described the woman as a company colleague of Mr. Fu Yong, but it is not yet clear exactly who this woman is.

Huanqiu Process Project Management Company, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum and Natural Gas, a Chinese state-owned company founded in 1995, has been making headlines in China after an executive at the state-owned company reportedly had an affair.

Following the controversy, China National Petroleum Group Process Co, the parent company of Huanqiu Process, where Fu Yong worked, said it had set up an investigation team to determine whether the rumors were true.

Later that evening, the company announced that it was formally dismissing Mr. Fu Yong, and has now removed him from all corporate duties.

However, the company has reportedly not commented on the identity of the woman who was walking with Mr. Fujiyong.

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