Samsung Okinawa Cheongbaekjeon added ‘unusual attempt’… Other lines exploded

The Samsung Lions, who are continuing their spring camp in Okinawa, 메이저사이트 showed a lively batting performance in their first match against Cheongbaek.

Samsung, who recorded 3 consecutive losses with the batting line silenced in the previous 3 confrontations with the Japanese team, showed off the power of the batting line in the first blue-and-white match played on the 16th at Akama Stadium, the home of the Samsung Okinawa camp.

Unusually, the blue team with Kang Min-ho at first base had Koo Ja-wook, Lee Won-seok, Kim Jae-sung and Song Jun-seok in the batting line, while the white team had captain Oh Jae-il and Pirella, Kim Tae-goon and Kang Han-ul as the starters.

The blue team, who took the lead with Kang Min-ho’s solo home run, gave the white team two runs, but then scored in the 4th and 5th innings in a row and made a big inning in the 6th to finish the game 8-2.

In particular, Song Joon-seok of the blue team recorded a cycling hit, starting with a triple in his first at-bat, followed by a double, a single, and a home run.

Kang Min-ho, who started first base, also relieved the stuffiness of the other line that had been silent so far with 3 hits in 3 at-bats.

The white team also gave up the game, but Jae-il Oh showed the power of the center line by playing an active role with 3 hits in 3 at-bats.

Although it was a clean-and-white battle of its own, it was significant in that batters found a sense of hitting for Samsung, who had been worried about the batting line that had been silent since spring camp.

Samsung, which showed a long-awaited active performance in the other line with a long hit in the organic movement of the experimental batting line in harmony with the new and the old, will challenge the first victory against Japan in Okinawa in an away game against the Hanshin Tigers on Sunday.

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