‘Salary cap’ issues lead to multiple multi-year contracts

 The NC Dinos are having an aggressive offseason.

Although Yang Eui-ji, the main catcher, had to be sent to Doosan, he quickly filled the void with Park Se-woong to relieve worries about the home game, and set the center of the infield center line well by catching Park Min-woo under a multi-year contract. In addition, pitcher Koo Chang-mo was also held under a non-FA multi-year contract. It is quite meaningful even in the KBO league to have two-ta’s young agents tied to long-term contracts of more than six years. This is because the domestic professional baseball has now shown that major league player contracts can be generalized.

Park Min-woo was the largest infielder in the FA market this year, so a long-term contract was expected. However, Gu Chang-mo’s contract was somewhat unexpected. It was because he still had time to free agency, and he was still young enough to raise his ransom even after entering the free agency market. In particular, if he was selected for the national team, he could also lower the free agent deadline, so he could sign a sufficiently better contract. However, NC assumed all these situations and applied various methods to the contract, even considering ‘military enlistment’. From the point of view of Gu Chang-mo, it was enough to feel the charm.

Including SSG, which was the starting point of the non-FA contract, now Samsung (Gujaguk) and NC have joined the ranks. LG also made such a proposal to Ko Woo-seok, and the ‘method of tying a player into a long-term contract even when he is 1 year old’ is now getting a great response. Of course, this can lead to a failed investment if a variable called ‘injury’ occurs. However, taking this risk is the same for both major leagues and Japanese professional baseball. 메이저놀이터

Here, there is also talk of promoting non-FA multi-year contracts for some players centered on clubs in the metropolitan area. This trend, coupled with the ‘salary cap’ issue, can continue for the time being, so it is no longer strange to hear the news of a multi-year contract at any time.