Sae-Yan Jeon, Katarina, and Jung-A Park exploded with 60 points! 4G continuous full set fighting spirit, road construction caught IBK

Highway Corporation caught IBK Industrial Bank.

Korea Expressway Corporation, led by coach Kim Jong-min, held a set score 3-2 (25-21, 25-20, 28-30, 25-21, 25-20, 28-30, 25-23, 15-9).

Korea Expressway Corporation recorded 24 points (8 wins, 6 losses), narrowing the gap with second place Heungkuk Life Insurance (32 points, 11 wins, 3 losses) to 8 points. The gap with IBK Industrial Bank (19 points, 6 wins, 8 losses) widened to 5 points.

On this day, Jeon Sae-yan scored 22 points, the most in an individual game since his debut. Katarina Jovic (registered name Katarina) shot in support with 21 points. After that, Park Jung-ah scored 17 points, and Jeong Dae-young and Bae Yuna each scored 10 points. Setter Lee Yoon-jung’s 4 blocks and 1 serve also stood out.

On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank failed to win the first 3 consecutive wins of the season. Unlike IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Santana (registered name: Santana) scored 24 points, Pyo Seung-joo and Yuk Seo-young each scored 13 points, but it was regrettable that Kim Hee-jin only scored 1 point.

At the beginning of the first set, IBK Industrial Bank seemed to take the lead. The serve shook the opponent, and after Choi Jeong-min blocked Katarina’s attack at 7-6, Santana scored to make it 9-6. However, the road construction counterattacked. With Park Jung-ah and the central line scoring the lead, a 10-10 tie was followed by a 11-10 reversal. Even Katarina’s sub ace came out. He showed the ability to make 14-10 from 8-10. After that, it was 16-13 due to Bae Yu-na’s blocking.

After catching the flow of the early stage, the road construction did not give the flow. With Park Jung-ah’s blocking, they preoccupied the 20-point notice. IBK Industrial Bank showed a sluggish pace due to sudden hunting, and the road construction brought the first set with Park Jung-ah’s last score.

IBK Industrial Bank’s main gun Kim Hee-jin did not explode. He only scored 1 point in the 1st set, and he could not give strength in the attack even in the 2nd set. When the series of crimes came out, director Kim Ho-cheol replaced Kim Hee-jin and put Yuk Seo-yeong in. Kim Ha-kyung, who showed a shaky appearance in the toss, was removed and Lee Sol-ah was put in. It worked. They won 5 points in a row from 3-7 and made an 8-7 reversal.

However, the road construction was a team with potential. 8-9 made 12-10 at once. Opponent’s room and Katarina’s goal came out. In 13-12, Choi Jeong-min’s Beom-sil and Park Jung-ah’s score made it 15-12. It was a road construction that widened the score gap by accumulating points one by one. IBK Industrial Bank made a change by adding Kim Ha-kyung again, but it was not easy. The road construction also brought the second set with Jeon Sae-yan’s last score.

At the beginning of the 3rd set, Road Corporation took a 7-5 lead, but IBK Industrial Bank of Korea reversed the situation by tying up 3 consecutive points from Santana and Yuk Seo-yeong. The potential of the road construction, which brought the first and second sets in succession, was great. In 7-10, he tied the opponent’s room, blocking, and serve ace to win 4 points in a row and made 11-10.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea did not give up. After winning two points in a row at 15-15 and turning it around, Santana’s streak at 17-16 took the momentum. Then, the road construction immediately tied Lee Yoon-jung and Katarina’s score. It was not easy to predict the outcome. 메이저놀이터

The team that laughed was IBK Industrial Bank. IBK Industrial Bank led the game to deuce. And at 28-28, thanks to Kim Hyeon-jung’s blocking and Pyo Seung-ju’s attack score, they made up for one set.

The 4th set was tight. IBK Industrial Bank seemed to be leading, but the road construction made a tie at 11-15 to 15-15 after persistent pursuit. After that, an unprecedented match continued. First of all, IBK Industrial Bank stepped on the 20-point notice first with Kim Joo-hyang’s score. The road construction made it 23-23 with Bae Yu-na’s score. However, he gave up the 4th set due to a series of absurd mistakes.

2-2 came. The road construction took the lead thanks to Jeon Sae-yan’s great performance, and even helped Katarina. Park Jung-ah’s goal preempted the 10-point notice. The lead continued, and eventually the game ended with Bae Yoo-na’s final score.