‘Recovering condition’ Choi Jeong .. ‘hot interest’ Ohtani

Four days before the first WBC match, our national team conducted their first official training in Japan.

The Japanese national team, armed with ultra-luxurious members, also adjusted their condition in front of numerous reporters.


The physical condition of the players seemed light.

After light stretching, he warmed up with catch ball and baserunning training, and Choi Jeong-do, who is having a hard time adjusting his condition, did all the training normally.

[Lee Kang-chul/WBC national team coach]
“It’s because we’re adjusting the pace now. Choi Jeong seems to be fine today as well // and he’s well prepared.”

Coach Lee Kang-cheol, who intensively checked the condition of the pitchers, selected So-jun So-jun as the starter for tomorrow’s practice game and predicted a match like a real match.

After the official training of the Korean national team, more than 100 Japanese reporters gathered at the indoor training ground where the Japanese national team was training, and there was no time to set foot.

Attention was also focused on Ohtani.

In yesterday’s training at the Nagoya Dome, he hit 9 homers on his 27th swing and even hit a large ball that hit the 5th floor spectators.

[Tanaka Shun/Nihon TV Correspondent]
“I saw Ohtani’s batting training for the first time in Japan yesterday, and the distance was amazing, and he was excellent in every way.”

Today, including Ohtani, who focused on pitching training, veteran Darvish, and pitcher Sasaki with a 160 km/h light speed ball.

[Hideki Kuriyama/Japan’s WBC national team coach]
“The coach has no choice but to trust the players and go. Starting tomorrow, we will start practice games as if the WBC tournament is starting.”

Japan is also concentrating on putting its super-luxury pitching staff in good shape for the opening of the tournament.

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