Pusan ​​National University freshman Go Eun-chae, why do you want to be like Heo Hoon?

Heo Hoon is also a versatile player who received an MVP in the KBL due to his small height, so I want to be like him.”

Pusan ​​National University defeated Dankook University, who won the championship for the second year in a row, 73-59 in the home opening game of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Women’s University Division held at Pusan ​​National University Gyeongam Gymnasium on the 16th.

The final score difference was 14 points, but they also fell into the danger of being defeated. Pusan ​​National University, which led by 26 points at 55-29 in the middle of the 3rd quarter, was chased by 60-57 by 3 points in the middle of the 4th quarter, 10 minutes later. At this time, starting with Kang Min-ju’s 3-point shot, he got out of the crisis by scoring 9 points in a row.

On this day, Eun-chae Ko (165cm, G), who made her debut on the college stage, recorded 13 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals, performing close to her triple-double.

Park Hyeon-eun, coach of Pusan ​​National University, said, “I have good skills, but my physical strength is weak in the end. In the 3rd and 4th quarters, I had the will to do it, but I couldn’t feel it.” “It makes sense, I took a year off. Its influence was great. Even though it must be difficult to come here, I will try hard,” said Koh Eun-chae’s play.

Koh Eun-chae said, “It was her first match at her university, so it was both burdensome and nerve-wracking. Her manager, coaches, and older sisters told her not to be pressured and to feel comfortable, so she could do whatever she wanted on the court with confidence,” she said of her first official match in college.

“(For the past year) I did weights to play basketball, and I did individual exercises separately, but I couldn’t do team exercises, so I entered the school without physical strength,” he said. I was very worried about running. As much as I trained, the results came out, so I am more proud.”

Even if he wins, he won’t be satisfied with everything.

Koh Eun-chae said, “To begin with먹튀검증, the regrettable thing was that in the second half, the defense was not good, so the opponent conceded goals in a row. At that time, he should have managed the game slowly as a guard instead of following the opponent.”

Regarding the situation where she led by 26 points and was chased by 3 points, Ko Eun-chae said, “I did well in the first half, but in the second half, I lost consecutive runs, so even the attack was shaken.” said

“In the 3rd and 4th quarters, there were parts where my stamina fell, and the defense was strong, so I thought he would do it instead of me,” he said. It’s the same,” he even mentioned his play in the second half.

When Ko Eun-chae mentioned Kang Min-joo’s running 3-point shot, her motivation for admission, she said, “As the score gap narrowed, I was a bit anxious, but after the 3-point shot exploded, my anxiety subsided, and I thought it was fortunate.”

Ko Eun-chae, who wrote a record close to a triple-double, said, “I did (triple-double) in middle school. If I don’t care and work hard at what I have to do, I think (triple double) can come out.”

Pusan ​​National University is adjusting her playing time for Hwang Chae-yeon, who suffered a knee injury last year. She is expected to lead the Pusan ​​National University guard team with Ko Eun-chae if Hwang Chae-yeon is able to play normally.

Ko Eun-chae said, “Hwang Chae-yeon is good at defense and has speed, so it is useful in her quick attack. When Chaeyeon comes in, she seems to have more quick attacks in her attacks. She will be more stable in defense,” he said. “It’s the same guard as me, but the style is different. I’m not good at 3-point shots, but Chae-yeon has shooting skills and can break through. Also, because it is fast, when Chae-yeon comes in, our offense will definitely revive, and more 3-pointers will come out.”

Koh Eun-chae said, “I want to become a player like Heo Hoon who is excellent in all areas with few disadvantages in all areas,” and said, “I want to be like Heo Hoon because he is also a versatile player who received an MVP in KBL with a small height.”

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