Pro billiards 2nd and 3rd division MVP Kang Sang-gu and Kim Tae-gwan, ‘1st division leaguers, be nervous!’

“Part 1 players, be nervous.”

On the 27th, the professional billiards PBA finally announced the 2nd and 3rd division players who confirmed direct tickets to the 1st division next season as the season 3 challenge tour recently ended.

The most notable player is Kang Sang-gu, the MVP of the Dream Tour in the second division of professional billiards. Kang Sang-gu, who serves as both a player and commentator, plays in the first part of the 2023-2024 season, which starts in June, and has formidable skills. He won one championship last season in the second division tour and showed good results, such as entering the semifinals frequently. With a steady rise, it took first place먹튀검증 (13,600 points) in the second division rankings.

On the stage of the PBA Awards Ceremony held on the 14th, Kang Sang-gu said, “Part 1 players, I will definitely tell you how scary I am. You are nervous,” he said with strong aspirations.

In fact, the faces of the PBA 2nd Tour players are not easy. This time, 15 players who got direct tickets to the first part of the second part of the Dream Tour, including Kim Tae-yung (13,400 points), second in the points ranking, and Kim In-ho (13,000 points), runner-up twice and third place. Six of them are players who have already played in the first division.

In the third part of the challenge tour, ‘young blood’ Kim Tae-gwan (26) stands out. Kim Tae-gwan reached the top twice (2nd and 4th) out of 6 tours in the 3rd division last season and took the overwhelming first place (10,175 points). Kim Tae-gwan was unable to stand on the stage of the last PBA awards ceremony as his last tour ended recently. However, he belatedly confirmed the best player award and reaffirmed his determination. Kim Tae-gwan, the younger brother of Kim Haeng-jik, has many fans.

Three direct tickets to the first division are allocated to the third division. However, Kim Tae-gwan, who placed 1st in Division 3, participated in Division 1 as a wild card last season, and with only his performance in Division 1 (62nd place), he entered the round of 64 and confirmed his stay in Division 1. Accordingly, in the Challenge Tour, second place Shin Dong-min (5,575 points), third place Park Gi-myung (5,225 points), and fourth place Lee Jung-hoon (5,225 points) qualified for promotion.

Meanwhile, PBA, which held 9 tours in the first division (including the World Championship) and 6 tours each in the Dream and Challenge, announced that it would open Q School, a selection match for the first division tour players, in May. Q School will participate in the 2022-23 season 1st division tour relegation players, 16th to 64th (49 people) of the Dream Tour, and 4th to 32nd (29 people) of the Challenge Tour. During this period, a tryout for LBBA, the women’s selection team, will also be held.

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