Price List and Offers K2 Karaoke Club Manchester

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Grab some friends and head to The Celebrity in Hackney Downs for some hilarious karaoke antics. Not only do they have a dedicated karaoke room equipped with stylish Lucky Voice vocal singing equipment with hundreds of songs, but they also serve mouth-watering food and drinks. The layout hostel Generator near Norra Bantorget is not a place to sit, consume and socialize on the bench. There are also dedicated karaoke booths for a unique experience. Each karaoke booth has space for up to 6 people. If you’re feeling fancy, reserve a cubicle or order a beer.

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This informal club is a great area for sports, but it’s also one of the most effective areas for karaoke in London. Above the pub is the aptly named ‘Karaoke Room’, which will definitely provide opportunities for a twittering. Conversely, a much larger ‘Play Space’ is available. No, not that kind. It can accommodate up to 70 people, as well as more than 10,000 tracks. In fact, you can even test your mates in a game of table football or classic games if you have a proper karaoke bar. The song is more of a take on the 1970s modern rock genre.

This Södermalm club has karaoke 5 days a week and everyone is welcome. Write your name on the night’s checklist and wait for the song number. Fridays and Saturdays are celebratory karaoke evenings, and the lists can get very long. Now, entirely new innovations have made it possible to host karaoke efficiency almost anywhere.

Private karaoke room ideal for birthday parties. Known for its legendary Happy Hr Cocktails, great 80’s and 90’s music and dedicated karaoke rooms, The Old-fashioned Backyard is the ideal place to unleash your inner child. Our karaoke room can seat 20 people, so you may need to listen to ‘Wonderwall’ a few times. How about making dinner out of it and adding it to your drink bundle? Who wants to keep running back and forth across the bar while your friends are on the ‘Adolescent Sleazebag’. There is also a DJ cubicle at the bar location, which plays music day and night, so there’s no reason not to host an event below.

Released in 1975, it was his earliest charting single, the track that laid the structure for years of worn-out jeans and working-class anthems. And years later, a well-supplied ‘drifter like us/we were born to run’ would certainly still slaughter the crowds. List and instantly advertise your spot to millions. East London’s hip pub, The Celebrity By Liverpool Road boasts five karaoke rooms, each boasting a different theme. Sing all your favorite songs directly with the gang, and enjoy a series of alcoholic beverages and beers while doing so. A Hen event package created just for you, starting with a 2-hour mixed drink making class.

Oden Plan’s K karaoke is a private space that can accommodate 4 to 40 people, influenced by the Japanese karaoke society. Hundreds of tracks from different genres, 2 mics and room solutions all included. Order a cocktail, beer, fizz, or non-alcoholic option if you’re thirsty. You can choose from over 10,000 karaoke songs. ₤ 6.99 per month. Reserve a dedicated space for up to 30 people with table appointments for after-show drinks. Do you want to work in a private karaoke room in London and enjoy a lot of killer concoctions? Get help from 스포츠토토

K-MAX Karaoke Bar is dedicated to providing its guests with carefree evenings with terrifying and amazing songs. When Chris said he wanted to, he delivered, set up, and showed off the device in addition to collecting it. The 4 mics and tools made for a really fantastic party were very easy to use.

We run a big screen karaoke most weekends, so if it’s expensive to show off your singing skills in front of a crowd, take a look at our socials to see when we’re running next. You can rent an event space for about 50 people, and if you have a lot of close friends, you can rent an entire bar! Hired the gold bundle for the chicken event – the guy who delivered it was very professional and showed up on time for distribution and collection. The equipment was of the highest quality and had all the tunes we wanted.

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