Peyton likely to start the 4th game of the 2nd round of the PO

The ‘defending champion’ 카지노사이트Golden State Warriors change their starting roster during the series.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, Golden State’s ‘Young Glove’ Gary Payton II (Guard, 191cm, 88kg) could be the starting pitcher.

Golden State plays the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals. Currently, the 3rd game has been played, and the Lakers will play the 4th game on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time). Golden State, who suffered a crushing loss in Game 3, is expected to change its starting roster.

Golden State lost to the Lakers last game. It was fine in the beginning, but it started to falter in the first half. Starting with Stephen Curry, the main gun, the shot did not go well. Golden State coach Steve Kerr decided to give up the game early in the middle and late stages to prepare for Game 4. Golden State, which needed a change, is expected to face it by putting Payton as the starting pitcher.

Golden State changed their starting lineup in the middle of the last round. After Draymond Green was suspended, Jordan Poole became the starting pitcher. In the second game of this series, Jamaikal Green, not Kevon Rooney, became the starting center. This time, Golden State plans to play Game 4 again with Jamaica Green on the bench and Peyton as the starting pitcher.

If Golden State goes to the game with that lineup, it will operate the small lineup from the beginning of the game. Green plays the center, but Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson play the forwards. With Peyton’s addition, the height is greatly reduced, but it is possible to put pressure on the opponent’s guard by strengthening the first line defense. It is expected that Peyton will exclusively defend Russell as D’Angelo and will control the Lakers’ perimeter attack.

In addition, Green is expected to block the attack by blocking Anthony Davis. The Lakers’ starting forward, Jared Vanderbilt, doesn’t stand out on offense, so Thompson can defend. If Thompson blocks Vanderbilt, he can reduce the burden on defense, and depending on the situation, he can afford to join the defense defense. Afterwards, it is expected that Rooney and Jordan Pool will be used sequentially through player replacement.

Golden State focused on reducing the opponent’s scoring power through this. The situation is no different from the Lakers, who consistently put Vanderbilt as their starting pitcher. Lakers manager Davin Hamm let Vanderbilt block Green, not Curry, in Game 3. Through this, I was able to approach the victory in Game 3 while not smoothing the development of Golden State’s offense.

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