Park Ji-soo, who has definitely returned with a sense of presence ”PO Greed? I’ll do whatever comes my way”

After half the season, the defending champion, Cheongju KB, started. The key was Park Ji-soo (24, 1m93cm).

KB won 62-55 in the Incheon Shinhan Bank match held at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 19th. It is the 4th win (11 losses) of the season and the first 2 consecutive wins of the season.

What was as valuable as victory was the existence of Park Ji-soo. He left the court after being diagnosed with panic disorder in August, and returned to Hana 1Q on the 17th, and played in two consecutive games until the 19th. His running time was also 18 minutes and 25 seconds, up from his first game (7 minutes and 58 seconds).

Park Ji-soo scored the most points on the day with 19 points and 7 rebounds. When he was put in a situation where consecutive three-point shots were allowed, he turned the atmosphere around with a mid-range jump shot and a block shot. Then, in the second quarter, he actively attempted to shoot, and after only 4 minutes and 20 seconds of play, he scored 5 points and 1 steal to lead the team. Then, in the 4th quarter, he kept the flow only with his presence under the goal as well as scoring. Shinhan Bank, which was pushed under the goal, tried to score from the outside, but failed and completely gave up the flow.

Women’s professional basketball has temporarily suspended the foreign player selection system after 2020. In this situation, Park Ji-soo, a native center, has an absolute portion in KB. Last season, he won 7 gold medals (MVP, Best 5, Yoon Deok-Joo Award, Excellent Defense Award, Score, Rebound, 2 Points), including MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the regular season last season.

Last season, KB won the combined championship with the combination of Park Ji-soo and shooter Kang I-seul. However, as Park Ji-soo missed this season and Kang I-seul lost his senses due to a back injury, KB also crashed. Coach Kim Wan-soo complained about the team this season, “The defense works hard, but the shot doesn’t go well.” In the match against Woori Bank on the 12th, the team scored the lowest score ever with 39-51. When Park Ji-soo returned to KB, vitality turned around, and Kang I-seul also recorded double-doubles in two consecutive games. 메이저놀이터

In an interview with a broadcaster after the game on the 19th, Park Ji-soo laughed, saying, “It’s so good to be back.” He continued, “Today, I acted a bit exaggeratedly to save the atmosphere. Until last season, I led the team ceremony. So it seems that the team atmosphere has improved since I came back.

” Park Ji-soo said, “From my point of view, Woori Bank is too perfect a team. I want to know how to stop it. Synergy effect, team play, and defense are very good.” The same goes for Woori Bank.” KB caught up with Incheon Shinhan Bank in fourth place by three games.

Park Ji-soo said, “The goal is, of course, PO. Only then can we write a drama-like season. But I will not be greedy. PO It will be a season in which we can learn something even if we do not advance to the .