Palace has no forgiveness “Fans of racism towards SON → will be banned from entering the stadium” ‘Official announcement’

Crystal Palace did not condone racial 바카라사이트discrimination to Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur). When the circumstances of racial discrimination against Son Heung-min are finally confirmed through the police, we plan to ban him from entering the stadium.

Palace said on the club’s official website on the 8th (Korean time), “There was a fan who acted racist against Son Heung-min in the Tottenham match. The related video is spreading online. The evidence was shared with the police, and it was finally confirmed. If that happens, we will ban them from the stadium. We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior.”

Tottenham played the 35th round of the Premier League with Palace at their home stadium on the 6th. Son Heung-min played with Harry Kane and Hischarlisson as a starter and played with all his might. He also actively participated in defense and desperately wanted 3 points. Tottenham defeated Palace 1-0 and succeeded in winning a goalless victory and rebounding the atmosphere after 10 games.

But racism has raised his eyebrows. There was racial discrimination against Son Heung-min. When Son Heung-min played for 89 minutes and came out of the field as a substitute, a fan teared his eyes out. The behavior of a fan presumed to be an away fan of Crystal Palace is a racist act that comes out when demeaning Asians.

When the video and photos spread online, he predicted a tough response. Tottenham immediately confirmed racism towards Son Heung-min through the club’s official website. We hate all discrimination. If so, we will take the strongest measures.”

American broadcaster ‘CNN’ and global sports media ‘The Athletic’ also reported racial discrimination against Son Heung-min. As a result of ‘CNN’ confirmation with a London police spokesperson, it turned out that they were investigating racism towards Son Heung-min.

When allegations of racism are confirmed, Palace are looking to take a hard line, as did Chelsea earlier this season. At the time, there was racial discrimination against Son Heung-min even in the Chelsea game. He even made a gesture of tearing his eyes from side to side to Son Heung-min, who was going to take a corner kick. Chelsea found the fan who had been racist after an investigation and banned them from the stadium for three years.

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