“Only Clins is number one”… Growing doubts about the Chukhyup explanation

The Korea Football Association held a press conference explaining the background of manager Klinsman’s appointment as the national team’s head coach. It was emphasized that Klinsman was number one, but the question mark about why Klinsman was bigger.


German-born Müller, who oversaw the process of appointing the director, revealed that he initially prepared a list of 61 candidates and set out to find a successor to Bento.

He said he selected five candidates based on five criteria, including expertise and experience, and residency requirements in Korea, and narrowed them down to the last two through video interviews, eventually selecting Klinsman as the preferred negotiator and reaching a final agreement.

[Michael Müller/Chief of Power Reinforcement: I contacted Klinsman in the first place, and the result was very positive (finally decided.)]

However, rather than explaining in which aspect Klinsman was better or what kind of vision he had, it was a humane comment. He emphasized his appearance and will to go to Korea.

[Michael Müller/Chief of Power Reinforcement: As the owner of a strong character, the first and second thing was clear that only Klins wanted the Korean coaching position.] Also, regarding the criticism that his tactical ability was poor and he had left the field for a long time,

‘ It was said that there are strengths of a ‘manager-type’ coach rather than a ‘tactician-type’.

[Michael Müller/Chief Power Reinforcement: In soccer, tactics are not everything. ‘How to deal with a star.’ Soccer is teamwork. Motivation is important.]

Again, he covered up saying that he had tactical strengths.

Despite the Football Association’s explanation, doubts about the reason for the appointment have grown, and coach Klinsman plans to come to Korea next week to hold a press conference and reveal his own ideas.

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