‘NC Super Emergency’ Peddy injury left… What to do with the ace gap of ‘ERA + unrivaled number 1’

 “Peddy seems to be difficult to pitch.”

NC Dinos coach Kang In-kwon let out a deep sigh before the match against the Changwon Doosan Bears on the 14th. This is because ace Eric Peddy (30) left due to a sudden injury while preparing for bullpen pitching that day. Peddy was scheduled to start against Doosan Changwon on the 15th.

Regarding Pedi’s physical condition, coach Kang said, “Before the bullpen pitching, I suddenly felt uncomfortable in my forearm, so I canceled it because I thought it would be difficult to pitch because I needed treatment. It is difficult to say when I will be able to return. It seems,” he explained.

NC has to endure without Pedi for at least 10 days. Coach Kang planned to expunge Lee Yong-jun from the first team entry and give him time to reorganize, but the plan had to be changed as a variable called Peddy’s injury occurred. For now, Lee Yong-joon is in the rotation, and Shin Min-hyeok is filling the vacancy.

It is no exaggeration to say that Peddie is the player who provided the driving force for NC to continue fighting for the top ranks this season먹튀검증. He started 12 games and went 10-1, 72⅓ innings pitched, with a 1.74 earned run average. He is running unrivaled in the number of wins and earned run average, and NC fans are already voicing, “Please renew the contract with Peddy.”

The most embarrassing thing is, of course, director Kang. Director Kang said, “I’m a little embarrassed. Pedi also needs a break, so I’ve been thinking a lot about when to give it to him. I hope it’s not a big injury. (The hiatus) won’t last long.”

Meanwhile, NC on this day Son Ah-seop (right fielder) – Seo Ho-cheol (2nd baseman) – Park Min-woo (designated hitter) – Jason Martin (left fielder) – Park Seok-min (3 baseman) – Kim Seong-wook (center fielder) – Do Tae-hoon (1st baseman) – Park Se-hyeok (catcher) – I made a starting lineup leading to Kim Joo-won (shortstop). The starting pitcher is Choi Seong-young.

It is noteworthy that Park Kun-woo was excluded from the starting lineup. Regarding this, coach Kang explained, “Today’s game will be difficult because Park Kun-woo fell while avoiding a ball on his side in his last at-bat yesterday (13th) and his back was uncomfortable.”

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