Monthly Chosun ‘Will ghostwriting’ suspicion, construction union “request for handwriting appraisal, hold accountable”

The Construction Workers’ Union criticized ‘s report that the handwriting of one of the wills of the late Yang Hoe-dong (49), who died by self-immolation, and the head of the 3rd division of the Gangwon Construction Branch of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions was different, as “incitement to malicious distortion in the name of suspicion.” An official from the construction union said, “It is true that the will was written by the deceased himself. An expert handwriting appraisal has also been requested. We will announce the results as soon as they come out.”

On the 18th, raised suspicion of ghostwriting through an article titled ‘[Exclusively] ‘Death of self-immolation먹튀검증‘ Yang Hoi-dong, executive of the KCTU construction union, forgery and ghostwriting of will’. reported, ‘One of the three wills of the late Yang Hoi-dong (an executive at the Gangwon branch of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions), who died by self-immolation ahead of the warrant review, was found to have a different handwriting.’

According to the union, raised the suspicion of ghostwriting, saying that the handwriting was different, and the first will was written by Yang in the car before self-immolation on the 1st. A union official said in a phone call with on the 19th, “It is true that the will was also written by the head of the Yang division.” As I write, it seems to be a little different.” A union official said, “Even if we look at the diary of Yang’s life that we have secured, the handwriting cannot be different.”

An official from the union said, “We have also requested an expert for a hand-to-hand appraisal.”

Construction Workers Union “Request for expert handwriting appraisal… hold accountable”

▲ On the afternoon of the 17th, KCTU construction union members gathered from Dongwha Duty Free Shop in Jung-gu, Seoul, to Sungnyemun Gate, and held a resolution meeting of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions to realize the aspirations of Martyr Yang Hoe-dong, destroy people’s livelihood, democracy and peace, and resign the Yoon Seok-Yeol regime.
ⓒ Heehun Lee

Following the Chosun Ilbo article on “suspicion of aiding and abetting self-immolation” (on the 16th), followed by an article on “suspicion of ghostwriting will” in , the construction union said, “We will definitely hold accountability for the malicious distortion and incitement in the name of suspicion.” . The construction union issued a statement on the 18th and criticized, “This time, Monthly Chosun is forgery and ghostwriting.”

The construction union continued, “The first suicide note that was made public was the will that the martyr wrote on May 1 instead of a petition to Deputy Manager Hong Mo, saying that he should write a petition quietly alone in the car, and the remaining three wills that were released after the martyr died on May 2. is a will written and sealed in advance, kept by the police, and then released to the recipients, the labor union, four political parties, and their families.” We have already prepared detailed data that we cannot do,” he explained.

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