Mobile Casino

Tech heads will be pleased to know that both a mobile app and a mobile website are available for Gala Casino customers, although they are identical to look at.

The same navigation options are presented here as on the website, albeit in a slightly different way using a scrolling top menu bar and a (somewhat crowded) footer. Anyone with butter fingers will need to tap carefully on the footer menu but other than that it’s a snazzy looking app. 슬롯사이트

Yes, now and again you might feel the processing get a tiny bit sticky, but it’s a minor and momentary inconvenience, and browsing for new games is a pleasure thanks to the ‘back to top’ button that saves you having to scroll all the way back to the top of the games list.

More problematic is loading times from page to page. It’s not bad enough to put you off using the app but it could do with a little extra juice. This problem doesn’t carry over to the games though, which run cleanly and with no fuss whatsoever.

It’s not an app that will change the world, but it looks good and performs well enough for existing customers to use on the go. It’s not a reason to join Gala specifically, but it shouldn’t put anyone off either.

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