Midnight eye drops and excruciating pain…turns out it’s ‘super glue’

An American woman who mistook superglue for eye drops in the middle of the night has shared her frightening story먹튀검증.

According to the New York Post and other media outlets, Lydia Hartsman, 22, of New York City, accidentally injected superglue into her eyes in the middle of the night.

On the day of the accident, Ms. Hartsman picked up an eye drop bottle as usual and injected the liquid into her eye, only to feel excruciating pain that left her unable to open her eyes.

It turned out that what he had picked up was “superglue,” and his one eyelid was instantly stuck and unable to open.

The video he took at the time showed his eyelid stuck together with his eyelashes.

Mr. Hartsman was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors used an ointment to dissolve the glue, but it wasn’t enough to remove it.

Eventually, the paramedics began using tools to remove the glue from his eye, and with some quick thinking, Mr. Hartsman was able to open his eyes again.

After the first aid, Mr. Hartsman’s eye was yellowed, discolored, and reddened, but he has since recovered and is reportedly able to function normally.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and accidentally reached for the wrong bottle, and it happened in an instant,” says Mr. Hatzman, who suffered the consequences of a small mistake. “The pain was indescribable. Please check before putting the eye drops in.”

“I can feel the pain just by looking at the screen,” “Always check before using medicine,” “It’s too bad there was super glue next to the eye drops,” and so on.

Meanwhile, such incidents have been found to be frequent not only overseas but also in Korea.

According to data released by the Korea Fair Trade Commission and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Trade in 2021, there were a total of 152 accidents involving eye drops and ointments that were reported to the Consumer Information Surveillance System (CISS) from 2018 to 2020, including 40% of athlete’s foot medicines, 24% of medicines for treating seborrheic scalp, and 18% of instant adhesives.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs and KFTC recommended that to prevent such accidents, the elderly should write the product name and purpose in large letters on the container, check the eye drops before putting them in their eyes, keep medicines out of the reach of children at home, and parents should not instill eye drops in front of infants and young children.

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