Miami in Need of a Big Man, Leading the Race to Sign Love

The Miami Heat are finally getting closer to the inside reinforcement.

According to Shams Charania, a reporter for 『The Athletic』, Miami are ahead in the race to sign Kevin Love (forward-center, 203cm, 114kg).

Love has now agreed to terminate his contract with Cleveland. He is hoping to find a new team and will be on the transfer market soon, and will be nesting elsewhere soon. As he terminated his contract, Miami, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns showed interest.

When he became a free agent, it didn’t look like he would stay in the Eastern Conference. If Cleveland, which is aiming for more than a playoff berth, joins Love to another team in the same conference, it will help a potential competitor improve. As a result, the West rather than the East drew attention as Love’s future destination.

However,안전놀이터 Miami currently has the advantage. Apparently, Love is hoping to secure playing time, so it is assumed that Miami is considered first. Miami’s primary power forward and backup center are vulnerable. If Love joins, both positions can be filled at the same time. Compared to other clubs, Love can take a clear role.

On the other hand, the Lakers are full of big men, and Phoenix has a well-packed frontcourt. It is natural that the team will benefit from the addition of Love, who has experience, to their existing team, but it is questionable how many opportunities he will take. It is understandable that Miami, not other clubs, is being discussed. It may also be relatively easy to head up high in the east.

Then, ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarrowski announced that the Philadelphia 76ers are also falling behind in the race to recruit Love. Love will also meet with Philadelphia to have specific talks. Philadelphia has a lot of power in the frontcourt, but lacks a competitive big man on the inside. No one deserves to help Joel Embiid.

Philadelphia traded Matisse Taibull (Portland) and brought in Jaylen McDaniels ahead of the trade deadline. The reason McDaniels, who is tall and has long arms, was brought in is because he can be of help in defense and rebounding. In the meantime, the burden on Embiid was too much. If Love comes in, it can ease Embiid’s burden, including rebounding.

Love grabbed rebounds better than anyone else in his prime. Although he has now entered the ranks of veterans, he can lend strength from the inside. In Philadelphia, where quasi-level big men are absent, he can support Embiid, or sometimes play together and contribute to the perimeter attack. He’s equipped with a 3-point shot, which could help Philadelphia diversify their tactics.

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