Men’s volleyball KB Insurance ‘Keita Shade’ farewell to Nikola who couldn’t take off

 Last year’s men’s professional volleyball championship runner-up team, KB Insurance, decided to replace foreign player Nicola Melanac (23, registered name Nicola).

An official from KB Insurance said on the 13th, “We have gathered opinions that it is difficult to go with Nicola anymore.”

Nicola, from Serbia, wore the KB Insurance uniform ahead of this season.

The season started with great pressure because his predecessor was Keita Noumori (21), who is considered the best foreign player in the V-League.

Coach Hu In-jeong reassured Nicola ahead of the opening game, saying, “If you show only your skills, there will be no replacement for you.”

Nicola, who had been slightly squeamish since his debut, scored 49 points alone in the third game after the regular season, the OK Financial Group match, and achieved the season 1 Triple Crown (3 or more blocks, serve, and back attack in one game) .

However, it is known that Nicola complained of difficulties in the V-League and life in Korea because she exposed her weakness with many ups and downs and also greatly shrank psychologically.

He ranked 4th in league scoring (270 points) even when the team’s offense was focused on him, and his attack success rate was only 5th with 52.36%.

KB Insurance, which is in danger of falling to the bottom with consecutive losses, eventually puts in a new foreign player. This is Andres Vijena (29), who played for Korean Air in the past.

Vijena, who topped the scoring and attack success rate in the 2019-2020 season, left the team due to an injury during the 2020-2021 season. 스포츠토토

Ahead of this season, he participated in V-League tryouts, but was not selected by any club, perhaps because of his injury history.

KB Sombo Club explains that, if Bijena is not injured, he is a player who can be of great help not only in offense but also in defense.

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