Man City→Villa→Wolverhampton→Man Utd…Lee Kang-in’s agent, visiting the EPL

Did Lee Kang-in’s agent go to England for work or for tourism?

On the 12th (Korean time)먹튀검증, reporter Mateo Moreto of Lelevo, Spain, said, “Lee Kang-in and Abdé Ezalzuli’s agent, Javier Garrido, are currently in England. We cannot rule out the possibility that transfer negotiations will proceed within the next few days.” said.

After arriving in Manchester, England, Garrido first visited Manchester City and Aston Villa. Man City and Villa are clubs that have been linked to Lee Kang-in from the past. Especially in the case of Villa, it was the team most closely connected with Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter.

The biggest reason why agent Lee Kang-in’s move received so much attention is that Lee Kang-in’s transfer to the Premier League (EPL) is a sign of another flare-up. Reporter Fabricio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, also recently said, “Lee Kang-in is expected to leave Mallorca this summer. EPL clubs are keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in for the possibility of a transfer in the next few months. There are good opportunities to make a financial profit in the future.”

Agent Lee Kang-in’s move did not stop at Manchester City and Villa. He also visited Wolverhampton, where Hwang Hee-chan is active. After visiting Wolverhampton, he also watched the first leg of the quarterfinals of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) between Manchester United and Seville. It is unknown whether he watched the game for business purposes, but it must be a move that further strengthens the rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer to the EPL.

Mallorca retained Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter, but is highly likely to sell it in the transfer market this summer. I don’t know that it will be difficult to catch Lee Kang-in. Currently, Lee Kang-in’s buyout clause is known to be around 30 million euros (approximately 43.1 billion won).

Excluding Spanish La Liga powerhouses Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, 30 million euros is a huge burden for other La Liga clubs. This is why EPL clubs who can afford financially are more interested in Lee Kang-in.

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