Little leaguer Park Ji-ho, who received an autograph from Jeon Mir: “I’ll wait for you to play for the Cheongryonggi!”

(“I want to get Uncle Mir’s autograph.”

After the 78th Cheongnyonggi High School Baseball Championship, when Kyungbuk High School’s Jeon Mir was announced as the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), one baseball prospect walked onto the field as if he had been waiting for it. Usually, after the awards ceremony, the players are free to take photos and meet with fans, so everyone could enjoy the good times at Mokdong Stadium.

Among them were young baseball players who are developing their dreams to become good players in the future. Some of them have gone on to become national and professional baseball players. In one case, Mok Ji-hoon of Shinil was able to join the professional ranks after filming a food commercial with Kim Sung-geun as a child.체스카지노

Inspired by Daesebae’s performance was a young boy named Park Ji-ho, who played for Little in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. Dressed in a kosher uniform and watching his seniors play from start to finish, Park followed his father to the field to wait for Jeon Mir. At that time, Jeon Mir was in the middle of an interview with the press and didn’t know when it would end.

After a long time, when he finally moved on to another interview, Park Ji-ho called him “Uncle Mir”. He asked for one minute of his time before the interview. Jeon was happy to oblige, signing a baseball and taking a commemorative photo with the young player.

Park Ji-ho of Yangcheon-gu Little waits to get his Uncle Mir’s autograph. We hope this scene will become another part of the history of the Cheongryonggi Championship. Photo (herdsman) = Reporter Kim Hyun-hee

With this encouragement, Jeon moved on to the next interview. Park Ji-ho was also very satisfied and clutched the autographed ball tightly.

“I don’t know what will happen to this one photo, but you never know, maybe (Park) Ji-ho will become a good player and show up at Mokdong Stadium again. When that happens, this picture will be another piece of history. Don’t let go of baseball, and I hope you’ll come out in the Qinglong period.”

How do you think this makes a young player feel? I hope it’s an inspiration.

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