Literally ‘Poisoned Holy Grail’… Lotte continues the cruel death of the director

Among the words that compare a professional baseball manager, a job that only 10 people can do in Korea, there is a ‘poisoned holy grail’.

It’s an honorable position, but sometimes you can’t avoid the fate of having to drink even if you know it’s poisonous.

Among them, the Lotte Giants is the team with the most managers in professional baseball history.

Excluding the acting manager, 17 people, including manager Larry Sutton, took the helm and led the team.

Since this year is the 42nd season of professional baseball, it means that each player has only been able to lead the team for an average of 2.5 years.

It is even more difficult to find if limited to directors who have completed the contract period at Lotte.

After former coach Jerry Royster filled the three-year contract period and failed to renew the contract due to poor performance in the postseason, former manager Yang Seung-ho took over the helm at the end of 2010.

Lotte Chairman Shin Dong-bin’Congratulations on the victory’

Former coach Yang Seung-ho took off his clothes after 2 years due to irregularities in the academy entrance examination, and his successor, former coach Kim Si-jin, took off his clothes after 2 years due to poor grades.

On the 28th, former manager Sutton resigned voluntarily, and former manager Lee Jong-woon, who will lead the remainder of the 2023 season as an acting manager, has the pain of leaving the team after one season in 2015.

Fortunately, former coach Cho Won-woo signed a two-year contract at the end of 2015 and filled the contract period, but resigned due to poor performance after the 2018 season ended, one year after he succeeded in renewing the contract for three years.

Former head coach Yang Sang-moon left the team after half a season in 2019, and former head coach Heo Moon-hoe was also sacked in May 2021, his second season.

Coach Sutton, who filled the position after Huh left the team, also faced the same fate as his predecessors, failing to complete this year, the last year of his contract.

In the baseball world, the Lotte manager’s position is famous for being sought by numerous ‘savages’.

That’s because they change managers so often, and they don’t insist on pure blood.

Former manager Lee Jong-woon, who will lead the team again as an acting manager after 8 years메이저사이트

In fact, from the 27th, the day before manager Sutton resigned, bad reviews about the successor manager of Lotte, including the incumbent coach and the former manager, began to circulate on the baseball board.

As much as Busan is hot for baseball, the amount of joy you will feel when you succeed as a Lotte manager is enormous.

Even though it has already been 10 years since I left Korea, I can still feel a strong nostalgia for former manager Royster, who brought Lotte to its second heyday.

The Lotte team is in an atmosphere of refraining from talking about the successor manager as much as possible.

This is because there are still 36 games left in the regular season, and the postseason competition is not completely over.

An official from the Lotte club said, “So far, the only thing the club can officially reveal is that the season will end with the acting head coach Lee Jong-woon.”

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