Let’s eat Lee Jae-myung’s ‘watermelon’… Dog daughters “Chief, you sent a signal”

Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, took a picture of eating watermelon at an agricultural site meeting, and some strong supporters interpret it as ‘a signal (signal) to punish watermelons’. ‘Watermelon’ is a term used by some Democratic Party supporters to mean ‘the Democratic Party on the outside, the power of the people on the inside’.

According to the political circle on the 19th, CEO Lee ate watermelon with his officials at the’Youth Agricultural Field Visit and Discussion’ held in Jangwon-ri, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 16th. As this appearance was conveyed through media reports, some strong supporters of pro-Lee Jae-myeong tendencies, so-called dog daughters (daughters of reform), sent a message to communities such as Lee’s fan cafe, ‘Jae-myung’s Village’, saying, ‘CEO Lee sent a signal. ‘ was posted one after another.

Dog daughters are defining and openly criticizing some Democratic Party politicians who criticize Kim Nam-guk, who recently withdrew due to controversy over possession of a large virtual currency, as ‘watermelons’. In particular, after the coin crisis, the dissatisfaction and antipathy towards the secret (non-Lee Jae-myung) people who discuss the ‘Lee Jae-myung responsibility theory’ has grown as they grow.

One supporter said, “If you are a politician of Lee Jae-myung’s level, ‘directing’ goes into all those events that are filmed.” Having the time to openly eat watermelon after the shooting took place means that Lee Jae-myeong’s intention was entered.”

In another online community, a photo of CEO Lee’s watermelon was posted along with a post saying, “Is this a signal that you will eat all the watermelons?”

Some interpreted Lee’s visit to the agricultural site as a response to Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Won-wook’s direct remark on the 14th to Lee, “Stop being the head of ‘Jaemyung’s Village’ and keep your distance from fandom politics.” One netizen interpreted it as saying, “I told you to stop being a foreman at Jam Village, so I also experienced a foreman토토사이트.”

Meanwhile, the dog daughters are actively defending Rep. Kim. At the People’s Response Center of the Democratic Party, a petition was posted saying, “We, the Democratic Party, do not want Congressman Kim Nam-guk to be expelled from the party.” The ‘Jaemyung’s Village’ four say, “You’re covering the Fukushima contaminated water discharge issue with Kim Nam-guk’s coin” “Congressman Kim Nam-guk, do your best!” A number of advocacy articles have been published.

Previously, CEO Lee had asked his daughters several times to refrain from attacks inside the party. In a meeting with supporters in March, CEO Lee even mentioned ‘rip’, a mocking expression for himself, and said, “Let’s not say ‘watermelon’. Do you guys like to hear the word ‘rip’? Conflicts intensify when such a name is used. I am used by the media and by the other party, and I am also used by those who have bad intentions inside.”

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