Lee Kang-in’s colleague, wearing a Real uniform… “Similar to Benzema’s style”

Lee Kang-in’s teammate Bedat Muriki was caught up in rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid.

The Mallorca Daily Bulletin, a local newspaper in Mallorca, said on the 20th (Korean time), “Muriki, a striker from Kosovo, is attracting attention from many big European clubs. The biggest club showing interest in signing him is Real Madrid.” Reported.

He is a striker whose strength is physical. Based on his height of 194cm, Muri is particularly good at aerial competition and his coordination is compliant. He was loaned to Mallorca last winter and immediately became a starting player, and with 5 goals and 3 assists in 16 games, he made a significant contribution to the team’s dramatic survival. In recognition of this, he succeeded in a complete transfer to Mallorca ahead of this season.

His performance continued this season as well. He has only played 12 games, but has already surpassed last season’s record with 8 goals and 1 assist. Most of the goals are headers and penalty kicks, but recently, the number of goals using feet is increasing.

Working with Lee Kang-in is also good. One of the factors that allowed Lee Kang-in to become the core of Mallorca this season was his collaboration with Muriki. The way Muriki finished Lee Kang-in’s sharp cross with an accurate header at the beginning of the season was a kind of ‘killer pattern’ responsible for the team’s stable scoring.

Many clubs are keeping an eye on Muriki. Although he is not enough to be evaluated as a main player in a big club, he is a resource that is not lacking to play an active role as a ‘backup’ for a key striker. He is also the type of striker you need when looking to score on days when the game isn’t going well, as his strength lies in the air.

Real also has a similar problem. Real have been struggling in the front line this season due to frequent injuries to striker Karim Benzema. Coach Carlo Ancelotti’s mercenary technique succeeded in overcoming the crisis, but there were limitations. 메이저놀이터

This is why Real Madrid are aiming for Muriki. Italian daily newspaper ‘Il Tempo’ and Spanish media ‘Pichajes’ said, “Real president Florentino Pérez is a big fan of 28-year-old Muriki. He believes that his style is similar to Benzema in terms of physical strength and goal-making ability.” It sparked rumors of Key’s transfer to Real Madrid.

But whether Real want it is the second question. This is because there is no reason to sell from Mallorca’s point of view. In a team that should realistically aim to remain, selling key strikers is no different from ‘self-destruction’. Mallorca is also expected to protect Muriki by sticking to the transfer fee of 40 million euros (approximately 54.7 billion won).