Lee Kang-cheol, head coach of the WBC national team leaving Australia, begins preparations for ‘Steel Magic’

Coach Lee and the coaching staff of the national team departed for Australia on the 5th at Incheon International Airport. While watching the Australian 메이저사이트 professional baseball game until the 9th, we plan to analyze the players who are likely to be selected for the Australian baseball team.

South Korea was placed in Group B along with Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic and China in the first round of the 2023 WBC finals held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan in March. You have to place in the top 2 out of 5 countries to get a ticket to the quarterfinals.

In the case of the Czech Republic and 토토 China, Japan is evaluated as having built a stronger military force than Korea. Korea’s first opponent, Australia, is also highly likely to pass the first round, winning landslide victories in the 2013 WBC (6-0 win) and 2019 Premier12 (5-0 win). 

But carelessness is forbidden. In addition to being a single match, the WBC has many variables such as the pitch limit. In the aftermath of losing 0-5 to the Netherlands in 안전놀이터 the first round of the 2013 WBC, Korea failed to advance to the second round even after defeating Australia and Taiwan in turn. In the 2017 tournament held at home, he also knelt down to Israel.

In order not to become a victim of the unexpected, it is necessary to closely analyze the main Australian players and prepare thoroughly. Coach Lee announced the final 토토사이트 entry of 30 players on the 4th, and is expected to focus on preparing for the WBC until the spring camp of his team, KT Wiz, starting on the 1st of next month.

For coach Lee, this tournament is his debut as the national team’s coach. In recognition of his leadership in KT’s combined victory in the 2021 season, he took the helm of the 2023 WBC national team.