Kwon Kyung-ae ‘violation of duty of sincerity’ suspended for 1 year… The bereaved family “kill twice” protest

The Korean Bar Association (Bar Association) imposed a one-year suspension of disciplinary action on lawyer Kwon Kyung-ae (58, Judicial Research and Training Institute, 33rd class), who failed to attend the lawsuit on the 19th and caused the client to lose.

The Bar Association held a plenary meeting of the disciplinary committee at the Bar Association Building in Seocho-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the same day, and decided as such after discussing for about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Eight out of nine members of the disciplinary committee attended, and Attorney Kwon did not attend the disciplinary committee that day.

The Bar Association revealed the reason for the disciplinary action, saying, “The degree of violation of the duty of good faith is judged as a serious matter먹튀검증.”

Under the Attorney Act, there are five types of discipline: permanent expulsion, expulsion, suspension for less than three years, fine for negligence of less than 30 million won, and reprimand.

Attorney Kwon filed a civil lawsuit against the perpetrators in 2016 on behalf of Lee Gi-chul, the mother of Park Mo-yang, who died in 2015 after suffering from school violence. .

In the first place, the bereaved family won part of the case in the first trial, but lost in the appeal trial due to the absence of lawyer Kwon. Because Attorney Kwon did not inform her of her defeat, her judgment was finalized without her appeal.

Prior to the disciplinary committee, the Bar Association Investigation Committee proposed a heavy punishment of more than 6 months of suspension through an investigation and internal review for about a month from May.

Attorney Kwon is known to have explained in the case statement submitted to the Korean Bar Association to the effect that ‘she could not focus on the lawsuit due to health problems’.

Lee, the bereaved family, personally attended the plenary meeting and demanded permanent expulsion, the highest level of punishment, but it was not accepted.

Mr. Lee met with reporters after the disciplinary decision of the Korean Bar Association that day and said, “Is the job of a lawyer being protected even after doing wrathful things?” “The disciplinary committee members killed my daughter twice and killed me too.”

Then, she protested, “Kyung-ae Kwon did not admit her faults and did not come to the disciplinary committee.” She protested, “Why should Kyeong-ae Kwon continue as a lawyer? During the interview, he knelt down and wept while holding the portrait of her daughter.

On April 13 this year, Mr. Lee filed a lawsuit against Attorney Kwon, the law firm he belongs to, and two lawyers belonging to the same corporation to pay a total of 200 million won to the Seoul Central District Court.

However, the complaint was not delivered to Attorney Kwon three times due to reasons such as the absence of a closed door and an unknown director, but it was not delivered until the 15th of this month, and the full-scale hearing process is expected to begin soon.

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