KT’s real match that broke the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, Hanwha and KIA, which were scarier than compatible mama, await

KT, who defeated the top teams in turn and entered the top ranks confidently, goes to the real test.

KT has a winning rate of 80% with 12 wins and 3 losses in 15 games in the second half. The top teams were knocked down after being hit by KT’s punches in turn. KT, who started with 2 wins and 1 loss by meeting the lowest ranked Samsung, met all the teams ranked 1st to 4th. LG won 2 wins and 1 loss in 3 consecutive matches that started on July 25, and after sweeping 3 consecutive NC matches that were in 4th place at the time, they also swept 3 consecutive matches with SSG in 2nd place and met Doosan, who was in 3rd place, and won 2 wins and 1 loss.

KT, which started competing to settle in the top ranks in earnest by rising to third place for the first time since April 19 through a victory over Doosan on the 4th, is 4th without a ride with NC in 3rd as of the 7th. Even 2nd place SSG was chased by 4 games, but it is being chased by 5th place Doosan by 1 game and 6th place KIA by 2 games.

Now that they have overcome the strong teams, they may be able to take a breather due to their schedule, but now is the time to be more nervous. This is because I will meet Hanwha from the 8th.

Since the opening, KT has been tight with 1st place LG with 5 wins and 5 losses, and has led SSG in 2nd place with 8 wins and 4 losses. There are only two teams, Hanwha and KIA, that KT lags behind in their opponents. They were inferior to Hanwha with 1 win, 1 draw and 4 losses, and KIA with 1 win and 6 losses. In the beginning, there were many injuries, so there was no strength, but even after June, when it turned to an upward trend, it suffered 2 losses to Hanwha and 1 win and 4 losses to KIA.

KT’s strongest point is its strong mound, but the average ERA against Hanwha in six games was 5.00, which was the worst among the nine teams. The first win against Hanwha this year was also won by Bo Shulseo, who was released.

If there is a variable, it is that more than a month has passed since KT and Hanwha met. On June 27th and 28th, when they lost 2 times in their last confrontation in Daejeon, Hanwha was on a winning streak and their offensive power was exploding. Hanwha, who won KT 2 consecutive games and won 6 consecutive wins, ran up to 8 consecutive victories afterwards.

Conversely, the KT mound is currently at its peak. The starting lineup is stable enough to win all seven consecutive victories from NC on July 28 to Doosan on July 4. In the second half, KT is balancing the average ERA (2.71) and 4th in team batting average (0.280). Currently, Hanwha’s batting average is 0.228 in the second half and has sunk to 0.210 in August.메이저사이트

The reason why the rematch with Hanwha, who met on the rise, is important because there are the most games left. KT has played more than 10 games with all other teams, but has the most games left with 10 games with Hanwha and 9 games with KIA. At an important juncture where we need to settle in the top ranks, we have the most games remaining, but we met two teams whose opponents were particularly weak.

KT will meet its third-place rivals, NC and Doosan, in turn after completing three consecutive matches with Hanwha during the week. Afterwards, on the 18th and 20th, we will play a three-game series against Hanwha again in Daejeon and meet KIA on the 22nd and 24th. KT coach Lee Kang-cheol sees this KIA three-game series as the most important match.

There is a chance to settle in the top ranks only when they recover from their opponents in the second half. On the 8th and 10th, the three consecutive matches between Hanwha and Hanwha on the uptrend are very important. It is Hanwha’s turn for foreign one-two punches Sanchez and Pena to pitch. Kuevas, Eom Sang-baek, and Bae Seong-seong are also on a sortie for KT.

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