“Korean technology is so amazing”…the world is upset, what kind of technology is it?

LG Display’s technology has once again been recognized on the international stage. LG Display’s research has been selected as the ‘Best Paper of the Year’ by the Society for Information Display (SID).

LG Display announced today that its research on ultra-large-scale organic 먹튀검증light-emitting diode (OLED) and stretchable display technologies for 80-inch and larger screens has been recognized with the SID’s Outstanding Paper of the Year award. Each year, SID awards the top 20 papers from more than 500 submissions from display researchers around the world.

The research team, led by LG Display Research Fellow Hongjae Shin, received the award for introducing the technology under the theme of ‘A New Concept of Super Large OLED for Premium TVs’. The team was recognized for leading OLED innovation by improving panel and drive technologies and enhancing organic light-emitting device performance.

The team from the Advanced Technology Research Center won the Best Paper Award for their work on ‘High-resolution micro light-emitting diode (LED) stretchable display’. Last year, the team developed a 12-inch stretchable display that stretched the screen by up to 20 percent while achieving the high resolution and color of a regular monitor.

LG Display also introduced its third-generation OLED TV panel with meta-technology. Meta Technology combines an ultra-fine lens that maximizes light emission from organic materials with a luminance enhancement algorithm. This enables the third-generation OLED TV panel to achieve 2100 nits, the brightest OLED TV to date, while improving energy efficiency by 22%. One nit is the brightness of a single candle.

“We will further strengthen our technology leadership by developing ultra-large and ultra-high definition displays and innovative form factors that deliver transformative customer value,” said Sooyoung Yoon, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, LG Display.

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