Ko Ji-woo, who starts at the PLK Championship, “I want to add cleverness to my aggressive style”

The new season will be played with an aggressive style and clever analysis of the course.”

Go Ji-woo (20), who is in her second season on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, is famous for her play without any avoidance. 

Even if there are risk factors such as bunkers or water hazards in the direction of the pins, he hardly turns around and aims for the hole. In the first year of his debut, he did not abandon his own style despite the affectionate advice of his colleagues, ‘Isn’t it too aggressive?’. 

He had many gains and many losses. He poured out a lot of birdies on courses that suited him, and often scored more than bogey on places that did not suit him. That’s why he’s been in the top 10 six times this year, but also missed the cut six times. 

In his sophomore season, he decided to change his attacking style to win his first career championship. However, he does not abandon his aggressive tendencies. 

Ko Ji-woo made 7 birdies and 1 bogey in the first round of the ‘PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship with SBS GOLF’, the second tournament of the KLPGA Tour 2023 season held at Twin Doves Golf Club (par 72) in Binh Duong Province, northern Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 16th. wrote it down 

Ko Ji-woo, who recorded a total of 6 under par 66 strokes in the first round, was tied for the lead with Madasom (23). 

When asked about the secret of his good grades on the first day, Ko Ji-woo smiled brightly, saying, “I was worried because I overslept today, but I think I got a good result because my shot went well as I thought. But I won’t oversleep tomorrow.” 

Ko Ji-woo ended his rookie season at 27th in the prize money rankings (approximately 295.13 million won). Although he did not win, his performance in his debut year is commendable. 

Ko Ji-woo said, “Last season, I had a lot of chances, but it had nothing to do with winning. Looking back, there was a problem with my play style.” In the new season, I will keep my aggressive style and attack the course more cleverly.”  스포츠토토

In this tournament, his younger brother Ko Ji-won (18) will make his debut as a rookie. Ko Ji-won entered the first part of the tour by finishing in 20th place in the regular tour seeding match held last November. 

“Senior” Ko Ji-woo, who experienced the tour first, said, “I didn’t give any special advice because I was a kid who was very good at it. 

Ko Ji-won then said, “My biggest wish this year is to play in the final round champion group with his younger brother. We will both work hard to make that dream come true.”

Ko Ji-won made 7 birdies that day, but poured out 2 double bogeys and 4 bogeys to record a 1-over-par 73. Since it was in the top 50, passing the cut became the priority in the second round on the 17th.