Kim Yeon-gyeong Should I fire a celebration or use a miracle of 0%… play the final game

Kim Yeon-kyung, who is challenging for the first time in 14 years, was persistent, but the road construction, which returned the 0%먹튀검증 chance of winning to 5:5, was more persistent. Women’s Volleyball Champion The winner of this heated match will be decided tomorrow (6th).

This is Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok.


< Korea Expressway Corporation 3:1 Heungkuk Life Insurance|Professional Volleyball V-League (Yesterday) >

Kim Yeon-kyung, who brought the first set by dropping the ball into an empty space again with a strong spike, catches both the first and second games ahead of the championship ceremony. Heungkuk Life Insurance fans, who wanted to open, visited the Gimcheon Gymnasium on a weekday afternoon, but had to face unexpected scenes afterwards.

I gave up two sets, but Heungkuk Life Insurance won 22-18 at one point in the fourth set.

When I was looking forward to the last 5 sets, a twist began.

Park Jung-ah finished the ball saved by Catvale, who blew her body, and the road construction team tied the score after receiving the attack from Kim Yeon-kyung, who hit her with her heart.

Kim Yeon-kyung interrupted the flow for a while, but she endured and turned around, and in the end, Catvale ended the game with the highest score of 30 points for both teams, and burst into tears.

[Catbell/Korea Expressway Corporation: I encouraged my colleagues without looking at the score. I usually smile, but today I put on a determined expression.]

In the women’s volleyball championship match, it’s the first time that I lost twice before winning twice.

[Park Jung-ah/Korea Expressway Corporation: Probability is just a number, and I didn’t know how to win today. I will do my best.]

Whether it is Kim Yeon-kyung’s first championship win in 14 years or Korea Expressway Corporation’s first ‘reversal victory’, the final match will be held tomorrow afternoon in Incheon.

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