Kim Soo-cheol is the winner anyway? ‘Asia’s strongest’, held by Road FC champion Jeon Moon-hun

Road FC bantamweight champion’ Moon Jae-hoon (39, Octagon MMA) checks ‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol (32, Wonju Road Gym), and tension is rising.

Road FC will hold the Wonju MMA Sports Festival with KFSO (Korea Fighting Sports Association) at Wonju Sports Complex for two days from June 24th to 25th. On the first day, the Goobne ROAD FC 064 competition, a professional competition먹튀검증, and the Martial Arts Festival, an amateur competition, are held on the second day.

On the first day of Goobne ROAD FC 064, the bantamweight (-63kg) and lightweight (-70kg) tournaments will begin with the quarterfinals. In this competition, the finalists to be held in Anyang in August are determined.

In the quarterfinals of the bantamweight tournament, Moon Mun-hun will face Akira Haraguchi (28, BRAVE GYM), a former Gladiator champion in Japan. Jeon Moon is one of the favorites to win the tournament. Jeon Mun-hoon is keeping Kim Soo-cheol in check right before the game.

Kim Soo-cheol is the Japanese Rising on Featherweight Champion, the first Singapore One Championship Bantamweight Champion, and the Road FC Bantamweight and Featherweight 4 champions. He is treated as a champion by beating Hiromasa Ogikubo, winner of Japan’s largest group Raijin FF bantamweight tournament, and is regarded as the champion who has virtually swept all three Asian major tournaments.

About 11 years ago, Moon Mun-hoon had a record of defeating Kim Soo-cheol. If the game is played again because the period has passed for a long time, a different aspect from the past may unfold. It is the time to look forward to seeing the match between the two candidates for the championship in the tournament.

Moon Jae-hoon said, “I still think that the final is Kim Soo-cheol. I think I will have to work really hard to beat Kim Soo-cheol. He trains while thinking about that too. Physically and physically, Kim Soo-cheol has grown a lot, so he is training with care not to be pushed in that part as well.”

It is a tournament with billions of prize money, and strong players from all over the world participate. It is the time to look forward to Gupne ROAD FC 064, where high-level matches will be held.

Meanwhile, tickets for Goobne ROAD FC 064 are sold at Interpark Ticket at 80,000 won for regular seats on the second floor, 1 million won for VIP seats around the cage on the 1st floor, and 3 million won for VVIP seats. The semi-finals of the tournament will be held in Anyang in August.

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