Kim Seon-hyung’s inbound pass mistake, what are the exact rules?

Kim Seon-hyeong committed a violation when making an inbound pass. What are the exact rules?

In the 6th match between Seoul SK and Anyang KGC held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 5th, Lens Abando made a jumper with 4 minutes and 3 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

Choi Boo-gyeong passed the ball through the rim to Kim Seon-hyung, who was going outside the end line. Kim Sun-hyung tried to make an inbound pass, but slightly stepped out. At this point, the referee blew the whistle and declared a violation.

SK players protested as if they had to do an inbound pass again. Not accepted.

SK players deserved to protest. It was because there was an explanation that starting this season, if there is a violation when making an inbound먹튀검증 pass after conceding a goal, it will be done again.

Here are the exact circumstances under which you can play an inbound pass again. This is the case when an inbound pass is made without the foot completely outside the end line after conceding a goal.

This is because the player making the inbound pass did not go out of the end line in the first place, which is the position where the inbound pass can be made, so it is given a second chance.

The case of Sunhyung Kim is different. Kim Sun-hyung’s two feet went completely outside the end line. Because of this, there is no situation in which an inbound pass can be made again.

The important thing is whether Kim Seon-hyung’s feet invaded the court.

The correct court dimensions are inside the sidelines and endlines. 5cm of the line is not included in the court.

Because of this, if you step on the line on the court, you are out of the court, but if you step on the line lightly outside the court, you are not in the court.

In other words, when making an inbound pass, stepping on the line slightly is not a court violation, and it is a violation only when it crosses the entire 5cm line.

The referee said that he judged that Kim’s feet crossed the 5cm line.

A KBL official explained, “The referee said that when Kim Seon-hyung tried to pass, his foot came forward and pulled it out again, so it was called a violation.”

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