Kim Min-jae selected as the World’s Best 11, selected alone in Serie A ‘side by side with Holland and Mbappe’

Monster Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) was named in the World’s Best 11. He stood shoulder to shoulder with world-class players.

The global soccer community Score 90 selected the players who showed the most outstanding performance this season on the 19th (Korean time) and selected the World Best 11. Kim Min-jae, who showed the best performance in Europe, was also included in the center back. I was with England’s Man City’s main center back Hubin Dias. Kim Min-jae, who wore the Napoli uniform last year, showed off his iron-clad defense as soon as he transferred, drawing attention. Two months after he moved the team, he won the September Player of the Month award, and he showed off solid defense without ups and downs in every game. He showed confidence and tough defense even against world-class strikers. He has risen to become one of the best defenders in Europe., a soccer statistics site, also gave Kim Min-jae the highest rating of 7.10 among Serie A center backs. Using Kim Min-jae’s performance as a stepping stone, Napoli also confirmed the league title early. It was even more thrilling because it was the first win in 33 years since the 1989-1990 season, when club legend Diego Maradona played an active part.

If you look at the names of the players who were selected along with Kim Min-jae, it is truly splendid. The goalkeeper was Real Madrid (Spain) goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, and Alfonso Davies (Bayern Munich), Diaz and Kieran Trippier (Newcastle) formed a four-back with Kim Min-jae. The midfield included ‘Man City duo’ Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan and Arsenal ace Martin Odegaard. The three tops were Vinicius Junior (Real), Elling Haaland (Man City) and Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain). Norwegian striker Haaland is showing the best decision this season. He scored 36 goals in 33 league games, breaking the record for the most goals in a single season in the Premier League, and also played an active part in the European Champions League in 10 matches and 12 goals in the ‘War of the Stars’. Thanks to this, Man City are ahead of the treble. He will win the league, reach the FA Cup and Champions League finals and set a new record. Among the Serie A players, only Kim Min-jae was selected.

In fact, this is not the first time Kim Min-jae has been selected as an All-Star member. On this day, England Football 365 also unveiled the world’s best 11, including Kim Min-jae. Based on the records of Transfer Markt, which specializes in the transfer market, we have gathered players whose values ​​have soared. Goalkeeper Diogo Costa (FC Porto), right full-back Jeremy Frimpong (Leverkusen), centre-back Kim Min-jae, Yoshko Gbardiol (Leipzig), left full-back Alejandro Balde (Barcelona), midfielders Moises Caicedo (Brighton), Enzo Fernández (Chelsea) ), Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich), strikers Bukayo Saka (Arsenal), Hvica Kvarachhelia (Napoli) and Randall Colo Muani (Frankfurt). The media said, “Korean centerback Kim Min-jae joined Napoli last summer. His value was 14 million euros (about 20 billion won), slightly less than the transfer fee of 18 million euros (about 26 billion won) paid by Napoli to Fenerbahce. However, Scudetto ( After winning Serie A), Kim Min-jae’s value has risen to 50 million euros (approximately 72 billion won), which is the amount Manchester United can pay to sign Kim Min-jae for two weeks in July.”

Kim Min-jae (right) concentrating on the game. /Photo = Naples SNSKim Min-jae (center) digesting team training. /Photo = Naples SNSIn fact, Minjae Kim is connected to many teams. He is known to be interested not only in the Premier League, including Manchester United, Newcastle, Liverpool and Man City, but also in France, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). A fierce recruitment war is expected to break out in July. From July, the buyout clause for Kim Min-jae, who can transfer without the consent of his team for about 15 days, is activated. It is a special clause that applies only to foreign clubs excluding Serie A teams, but it is noticeable that even the amount has not been set. Depending on the club’s performance and financial situation, it can vary from 43 million pounds (about 71 billion won) to 52 million pounds (about 87 billion won). However, all teams that want Kim Min-jae are clubs with financial power, so they are expected to pay without any problems.

The rumor of Kim Min-jae’s transfer is getting hotter. After Manchester United showed strong interest, it seems that Newcastle, PSG, and even Liverpool decided to compete for the scout. France’s RMC Sports reported on the 20th, “Liverpool inquired먹튀검증 about Kim Min-jae’s recruitment.” Liverpool have defensive anxiety. Team veteran Yoel Matip is preparing to leave this summer, while Ibrahima Konate has struggled with frequent injuries. Joe Gomez has not been able to get out of the 10-year-old prospect with slow growth. Even Virgil Van Dyck, the ‘Iron Wall’, has declined at a considerable age. If Minjae Kim joins, it can be a big help.

However, Kim Min-jae is in no hurry. It is advantageous to choose a destination according to the proposals of other clubs as they are receiving a lot of attention. Napoli can’t interfere as long as the buyout conditions are met. Kim Min-jae can take the initiative and continue the atmosphere of negotiations. The ranking of the recruiting team is also important. While the final rankings are not complete, the competition for rankings in the Premier League is more intense. Currently, 3rd place Newcastle (69 points), 4th place Manchester United (66 points), and 5th place Liverpool (65 points) are fighting for a ticket to the European Champions League. It is not too late to check the opponent team’s final standings and choose the destination. In addition, Kim Min-jae plans to undergo military training in June. He is not in a situation where he can be solely concerned with the transfer issue. Only after completing this, it seems that the transfer direction will be decided.

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