“Kim Ha Sung offense below average? Defense makes up for it” “Taste of Kim Ha Sung” SD will never be forgotten

Sometimes you don’t realize how valuable a player is when they’re on your roster. But when they’re gone, the hole seems bigger. Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) is such a player now. He has become a player who seems to be difficult to replace.

San Diego wiped away the surprise. Kim started the game against Washington on Sept. 26, but in his second at-bat, he was hit by a foul ball and didn’t get up. The foul ball hit him in the knee. The knee is basically an area that doesn’t have much flesh on it. Unable to stand up for a while in excruciating pain, Kim eventually had to be helped off the field by a trainer.

At that moment, chaos ensued. With San Diego’s offense basically silent and their starting third baseman, Manny Machado, on the disabled list after being hit in the wrist by a ball, Kim’s value suddenly became apparent.

Kim is basically the team’s starting second baseman, but he can also play shortstop and third base. Having that kind of versatility on a limited roster is a blessing. In the immediate aftermath of Machado’s injury, the Dodgers felt they could get by without him, but if they lost him as well, they would be in trouble in the infield.

Luckily, X-rays showed that it was just a bruise with no broken bones. Kim missed the game against the New York Yankees on the 27th, but the situation highlighted his position on the team.

Local media also emphasized that Kim is not just an offensive player. Major League Trade Rumors (MLTR) reported on the 27th that Kim’s injury was not serious메이저놀이터, highlighting the value of Kim, saying, “If both Machado and Kim were out, San Diego could have taken another hit.

Kim is expected to return to the starting lineup after recovering from a knee contusion.

‘In his third season in San Diego, Kim is hitting a mediocre .237 with a .316 on-base percentage and .382 slugging percentage in 172 at-bats this season, according to MLTR. His adjusted wRC+ is 97. The offense itself is about league average.

However, MLTR emphasizes that “while Kim’s hard-hit rate of 22.3% is one of the lowest in the league, this can be forgiven considering that he provides a lot of defensive value to San Diego as a second baseman and, more recently, at third base in place of the injured Manny Machado. What he lacks in offense, he more than makes up for in defensive value.

Kim isn’t just a player who can play the position. He’s one of the best defensive players in the league. His presence makes it easier for San Diego to carry the entire season, and he’s actually been a huge contributor in that regard over the past two years. Once San Diego gets a taste of Kim, they don’t forget about him.

Meanwhile, Kim, who has been out for 27 days, will be monitored to see when he can return to action. With Machado out, the longer Kim is sidelined, the harder it will be for San Diego. His knee affects his hitting, as well as his defense and baserunning, so he needs to recover properly.

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