K-ceremony tip → sudden reconciliation? Bauer-closer feud Happening

 Trevor Bauer, a ‘bad boy’, is about to debut in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). From the day before his debut, he became the main character of happenings on social media.

Bauer, who was active먹튀검증 enough to win a Cy Young Award in the major leagues, was released from the Los Angeles Dodgers due to sexual assault issues. After failing to find a new team, he eventually joined the NPB Yokohama DeNA Baystars.

Since there was a long hiatus, Bauer, who went through the second team game, will start against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp on May 3. This is his NPB debut.

However, before his debut match, an incident occurred. The beginning was the official SNS account of the Yokohama club. The Yokohama club released ‘Bauer’s strikeout ceremony’ on social media. The so-called ‘knife ceremony’. It was said that when Bauer strikes out, he puts both hands together and takes a motion as if slashing with a long sword. In the short video released together, Bauer was demonstrating a knife ceremony himself.

However, controversy arose when Yokohama closer Yasuaki Yamasaki commented on the post. Yamasaki replied, “Don’t encourage the club officially. Fools. (Such a ceremony) no respect. There is a better way.” It is almost an unwritten rule for a pitcher to strike out a batter and hold a ceremony. You can often see motions like clenching fists or clapping when you escape a crisis with a strikeout in a tight situation, but you can’t see a ceremony of a specific motion every time you strike out, not only in Japan but also in Korea and the United States. . It is an act of over-stimulating the opponent.

In response, Yamasaki seems to have blown a ‘shot’, but when the comment became a hot topic even in the United States, he started to deal with it. Yamasaki posted a post on his personal account, saying, “What I said was received abroad in an unintended direction. It seems that it is being taken as if I spoke badly of Bauer. I spoke with Bauer, and I was able to convey my thoughts for sure. Bauer is a valuable teammate who aims to win together,” and posted a photo of them posing together.

It seems that Yamasaki went directly to Bauer and explained it. In response, Bauer ‘retweeted’ and replied, “Everything is a good friend. Sometimes misunderstandings arise when going through translation. I know what the story means.”

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