Jang Jeong-seok and Park Dong-won’s conflicting truth battle, was the back money the problem in the end?

The reason for the conflicting truth battle was that the request for back money was a problem after all.

In the course of negotiations between the KIA Tigers and Park Dong-won’s contract extension last year and FA negotiations, both sides had conflicting opinions. The KIA team said, “I offered the player the best treatment and waited, but I didn’t even hear an answer,” but the player explained, “I was grateful to the club for treating me well and communicated steadily.”

There were also some contents where the position of the club and the position of the players were completely contradicted. Both sides differed on the specific timing of the meeting and the number of times of communication. In normal cases, there are many cases in which players complain about the club’s stingy treatment or the size of the contract that was insufficient. On the other hand, the club is aware of the public opinion of the fans, and it is an example of revealing that ‘they gave the best treatment’.

However, Park Dong-won said at the time, “Thankfully, the KIA Tigers club highly appreciated Park Dong-won’s value and made good suggestions.” I made up my mind to ‘let’s get value evaluated’ in the FA market. Even after coming to the free agency market, we will continue to talk with KIA,” he said, saying that KIA made a good offer, but came out to the market after much consideration.

On the other hand, former general manager Jang Jeong-seok said, “Park Dong-won left without even revealing his final intention about the club proposal먹튀검증. There is no room for renegotiation because the final proposal was made,” he declared the breakdown of negotiations without hiding his displeasure through a media interview.

Looking at the interview alone, despite KIA’s sincerity, Park Dong-won’s side rejected the offer. However, Park Dong-won’s side showed sufficient satisfaction with the club’s treatment and presentation, but in the end, for some reason, they did not choose KIA.

In particular, as it was revealed that there was no significant difference in the total amount of the 4-year, 6.5 billion won contract that LG presented to Park Dong-won and the final contract presented by KIA, doubts about the circumstances behind the negotiations were amplified. In the end, after the contract, the opinion that “Park Dong-won would prefer the metropolitan area club” spread like an orthodoxy in the baseball world.

However, in the end, the position of the KIA club and Park Dong-won was positive to remain, but it can be interpreted that only the position of former general manager Jang Jeong-seok was different. KIA and Park Dong-won originally considered the extension of the contract as their first priority, but in the end, the contract was not concluded during the season and even the FA was broken. .

In fact, Jang Dong-cheol, secretary-general of the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Athletes’ Association), who delivered the facts and transcript to the KIA at the request of Park Dong-won, said, “KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok brought up the story of behind-the-scenes money to the player twice. It is not a story that came out of the formal negotiation process,” he explained.

At the same time, Jang Dong-cheol, secretary general of the Athletes’ Association, said, “During the season, I called the players directly at the away accommodation and brought up the story. I don’t know where and why the remark is a joke,” he explained, “if it was once, it might be a mistake, but it was a story that was called twice and separately.”

Jang’s request was expressed in detail at a very sensitive time, once before signing an extension contract during the season and once during the free agent contract process. It is the judgment of the Athletes’ Association and Park Dong-won that ‘it was not a joke remark’.

In the end, if the reason for the collapse of the negotiations was the unfair demands made by the hierarchy with the purpose of former general manager Jang in the contract and negotiations, there are enough reasons to be blamed. Also, the reason for the conflicting truth battle now has room for interpretation.

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