“It’s Rosin!” → “No, get out!”… Scherzer’s ‘shock exit’ for foreign substance use

New York Mets Max Scherzer먹튀검증, one of the ‘aces’ representing the league and the team, was ejected for allegedly using a foreign object during the game.

Scherzer took the mound as a starting pitcher in an away game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the 20th.

An unexpected variable occurred for Scherzer, who was cruising through the first three innings of the game with no runs. Before the bottom of the fourth inning, the umpire inspected Scherzer’s glove and ordered him to leave. It was the judgment of the referee that a foreign object was confirmed.

At the end of the 3rd inning, the referees suspected this and instructed Scherzer to change his glove, but he did not follow it. Even if he protested that he simply applied rosin, the decision did not change.

Even after going to the dugout, Scherzer showed a reaction that was difficult to understand.

In an interview with local media after the game, he strongly insisted that there was nothing in his glove except sweat and rosin.

If the umpire reports the reason for Scherzer’s ejection to the Major League Secretariat for the use of a foreign substance rather than a protest, Scherzer is subject to a 10-game suspension according to the rules. Starting from the 2021 season, the secretariat is strictly restricting the use of foreign substances by pitchers.

Meanwhile, the Mets, who were not shaken by Scherzer’s early game, succeeded in turning around with Brandon Nemo’s two-run four in the top of the fifth, defeating the Dodgers 5-3.

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