It’s fortunate that we won and the mood changed, but the defeat against Qatar should not be considered an ‘accident’.

The defeat against Qatar brought down the mood of Hwang Seon-hong, who announced his departure. Still, there is something fortunate. The point is that somehow he won and it changed his mood. There were some difficulties in the process, but he persevered and achieved victory, allowing him to move on to the next chapter. However, there is one thing he must not forget.먹튀검증

The Korea U-22 national soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, won its first win in Group B of the 2024 AFC Qatar U-23 Asian Cup regional qualifiers. To be exact, it is 1 win. Although they lost 0-2 in the match against Qatar, Qatar is already confirmed to participate as the host country of the tournament, so their performance against them is not reflected in the preliminary results. Therefore, the match against Kyrgyzstan held at the Changwon Soccer Center at 8 PM on the 9th can be said to be Hwang Seon-Hong’s actual official starting line.

However, despite winning, the team atmosphere is not very good. Three minutes into the game, Hong Yoon-sang scored following a cross from the right side by Jeong Sang-bin, giving the impression that the match had changed from the Qatar match, but the game ended in a one-goal victory as they were unable to effectively create chances. There was a feeling that it was somewhat insufficient to lessen the shock of the crushing defeat suffered in the previous game, and Coach Hwang also expressed his regret at not scoring more goals at the post-game press conference.

However, what can be meaningful is that the victory has relieved the pain of the previous defeat to some extent. It is really true that we were able to prevent a situation where a loss against Qatar could have been detrimental to the atmosphere not only for the U-22 national soccer team, but also for the U-24 national soccer team (2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national soccer team) that is training in the same accommodation. Thank goodness. If the content were good, it would be golden, but victory is the best means to remove the negative atmosphere.

However, it is difficult to regard the loss against Qatar as a mere accident. Qatar is the home team for the U-23 Asian Cup, which also serves as a qualifying event for the Paris Olympics, and is a potential but actual competitor on the way to the Paris Olympics.

Not only Qatar, but most of the teams that can actually compete for a ticket in this tournament are at this level. We need to learn from this defeat and prepare more thoroughly that it is not a situation where we can unconditionally boast about our superior power on the main stage. This is why the defeat in the Qatar match should not be treated as just an accident, but as a real-life vaccination.

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